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If your student is heading into the college application process, you might be looking into ACT Math prep classes to help them study for the exam. The ACT is a standardized exam used by undergraduate admissions departments nationwide to help determine which applicants would be good fits for college. It consists of five sections (Mathematics, Reading, English, Science, and Writing), and some students might find that Math is the section where they need to focus. If you've ever looked up "ACT Math tutoring" online then you probably already know how beneficial it can be to work with a private tutor when preparing for an important exam. If you think your student could benefit from taking an ACT Math prep course, then get in touch with us today. Varsity Tutors offers some of the most comprehensive ACT Math classes in the industry!

Why Take the ACT?

The purpose of the ACT is to assess how prepared a high school student is to continue on with their education at the collegiate level of study. The test covers many of the most important subjects that you would've learned about while in high school. You'll find that the ACT exam is split into required sections on Math, Reading, English, and Science. These sections are composed entirely of multiple-choice questions. The ACT also includes a Writing section that is optional and asks test-takers to complete an essay response. Taking the ACT may be the right decision for you if you're interested in pursuing a college degree and are planning on applying to four-year universities right out of high school. A strong score on this exam could give you a better chance at getting into the university of your choice. ACT Math classes are a unique way to prepare for your upcoming test if you do ultimately decide to take the ACT.

Are There Any Exam Requirements?

The ACT doesn't have very many requirements that you must satisfy in order to take the exam. Although most students who take the ACT are currently in high school, you can also take the ACT if you've already graduated from high school and are just now deciding to apply to college. However, some universities only accept ACT scores that were earned by students while they were in high school. So, you should spend some time checking the requirements of the schools you plan on applying to before you start taking ACT Math courses.

There are, however, a few requirements to keep in mind when the day of your exam arrives. For example, you'll need to bring a valid photo identification with you to your testing center in order to be eligible to take the ACT that day. You can satisfy this requirement with your school ID or by bringing a government-issued identification card like a driver's license. You'll also need to bring your test ticket with you to your testing center. You may be allowed to take your exam without your ticket but it will likely result in your score being delayed. This can lead to a delay in being able to finalize your college applications so it's important to remember your ticket.

Finally, you'll want to bring a few additional items with you to make your test day as smooth as it can be. For example, make sure you bring a few number 2 pencils so you don't run into any issues if one of yours breaks. You should also bring a calculator so that you don't have to do tedious math equations on scratch paper. Another good item to bring with you is a watch so that you can keep track of time on your own instead of relying on your test proctor to do so for you. You could even bring a snack with you to keep yourself fueled when you get a break from the ACT.

What's On the Math Section?

One of the first topics covered in any ACT Math class is the types of material students should expect on exam day, which you can see in the following table:

# Questions

Question Format

Time Allowed

Calculator Permitted?

Scoring Range



60 Minutes



Each of the questions on this section of the exam are multiple-choice with five responses to choose from. The test features content on the six areas of math that the majority of students would've covered by the end of their 11th grade year of high school. Below, you'll find a discussion of what topics you can expect to be tested on when taking this section of the ACT.

The first math subject that will be tested is pre-algebra. This part of the Math section usually has 14 questions and goes over topics like whole numbers, probability, fractions, factors, roots, and more. The next subject, elementary algebra, often has around 10 questions dedicated to it. This part will cover topics like polynomials, factoring, quadratic equations, and linear inequalities, among other things. Next, the ACT Math section also has questions on intermediate algebra, Here, you'll be tested on topics like radical and rational expressions, absolute values, polynomial roots, and functions.

Fourth, you'll find around 9 questions on coordinate geometry. This will test your understanding of topics like number line graphs, relationships between equations and graphs, slope, and more. Next, you'll find questions on plane geometry. Here, you'll be tested on things like plane figures, 3D geometry, perimeter area, and logical reasoning with proofs. This part of the exam typically consists of around 14 questions. Finally, the remaining 4 questions on this part of the ACT will cover trigonometry. This part covers topics like right triangle trigonometric ratios, trigonometric functions, and identities. Signing up for ACT Math classes is a great way to build a better understanding of the math topics you still need help with.

It's also important to point out that you will need to work quickly to complete the entire ACT Math section within its time-limit. To prepare for this, students often complete a large number of practice problems and practice tests. Working with a private test preparation instructor is a great way to get an expert's guidance while you work through these simulated problems. You may be able to improve the pace at which you work through the test preparation supplement that you ultimately decide on pursuing.

We Can Help You Prepare

Every ACT Math class arranged through Varsity Tutors entails dedicated instruction. You can receive an immediate response to any questions you have, allowing you to address any concerns before they snowball. Your ACT Math courses instructor may also be able to tailor each ACT Math prep class to your student's specific needs. For instance, a visual learner could benefit from visual aids to help illustrate a concept, while an auditory learner might benefit more from a discussion-based format. The level of individualization you can receive from a private ACT Math class is hard to find through other test preparation avenues.

Private ACT Math class instruction also allows you to spend as much or as little time on a topic as you need to. For instance, if your confident in your algebra skills but could use more work on coordinate geometry, study sessions may concentrate on geometry to enhance study efficiency. The customized approach you get through private ACT Math prep courses could help you get more out of your entire test preparation process. That's one reason why a private ACT Math class could be the right fit for your study plan.

Alternatively, we can set you up with a small, group-based ACT Math course. Our ACT Math courses allow students to study online with an experienced ACT Math prep course instructor and a handful of other students preparing for the test. Some research suggests that working in a collaborative learning environment helps students because they can work and share ideas with their peers. Every group-based ACT Math prep course also includes optional access to one-on-one tutoring, so you're not giving up the benefits of individualized ACT Math class instruction by opting for an ACT Math course

Here are some of the topics the student in your life is able to review in an ACT Math course:

  • Pre-Algebra
  • Elementary and Intermediate Algebra
  • Coordinate Geometry
  • Plane Geometry
  • Trigonometry

Varsity Tutors also understands how valuable your time is, so we make our services as accessible as possible. We can refer you to an instructor who can accommodate your schedule, so you don't need to worry about juggling things around to fit in ACT Math prep courses. ACT Math prep class instruction also takes place on our proprietary Live Learning Platform, providing the benefits of face-to-face learning without the corresponding logistical headache. That means you can get all of the benefits you learned about through your online searches for "ACT Math tutors near me" without having to leave your home. Furthermore, we start a new ACT Math prep class frequently, and you may choose how long you want to meet between 2 and 4-week classes to ensure that you get something that fits your needs.

ACT Math prep classes instructors can also help you develop a better set of general test-taking skills. For instance, if you've ever struggled with test anxiety in the past, then your ACT Math prep classes can focus on showing you relaxation techniques you can use to overcome this anxiety. Your ACT Math course instructor could also show you how to manage your time more effectively while taking comprehensive tests like the ACT. The skills that you gain from your ACT Math course can be utilized on the ACT as well as on any future exams that you take. These are benefits that you may not easily discover through simple online searches for "ACT Math tutoring near me".

Who Takes the ACT?

The ACT is one of the most commonly taken standardized exams in the United States. Each year, over 1.6 million students take this test. Given the large number of test-takers, a strong test preparation process is essential if you want your score to stand out from the crowd and give you a better chance at getting accepted into the university you'd most like to attend. That's why taking an ACT Math course could be such a valuable addition to your study plan.

Each required ACT section, including ACT Math section, is scored on a scale ranging from 1 to 36. After you've completed each test section, your scores will be combined into one overall score. The national average score on the ACT is around 20.8. However, you may need to score much higher than that depending on how competitive the schools you're interested in attending are. For instance, a school like Harvard University has an average combined ACT score of around 32 - 35 most years.

You should take some time when beginning your test preparation process to assess the score that you would need to have a good chance at getting accepted into the university you want to attend. Doing this can give you a better sense of where to set your test preparation goals and a more accurate idea of what it will take to reach them. Doing this can guide things like the interpretation of your practice test results, as well.

Getting Started

If you've ever spent time online searching for "ACT Math tutoring near me", then you probably already know how effective it can be to work with an expert instructor when preparing for the ACT. However, if you would like to learn more about our ACT Math prep courses or any of our other products, Educational Directors are standing by to help you work through your options. If you think that you would benefit from working with a private test preparation instructor or learning in a group-based environment, give us a call today. We can quickly and easily sign you up for an ACT Math class or whatever other test preparation option you ultimately decide on. We'd love to use our experience in the test preparation industry to help you get more out of your study sessions. We hope to hear from you soon and look forward to working with you!

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