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If you are studying to become a professional actuary, enrolling in a private Actuarial Exam FM class offered by Varsity Tutors may help you build self-confidence heading into the exam. Actuarial Exam FM (Financial Management) is a test that covers investment mathematics, and you may need to pass it in order to register with the Society of Actuaries (SOA). If you're interested in studying in a private learning environment where your needs come first, enroll in our Actuarial Exam FM course today!

Many students take Actuarial Exam FM prep courses to develop a familiarity with the formatting of the test. All of the Actuarial Exams are offered via Computer-Based Testing, or CBT, which means that you take them on a computer instead of a more traditional test booklet. Many students have limited experience with this format, so you might have questions. Taking the test is a two-step process:

General Info

  • Computer Based Testing is a Two Step Process:
  • STEP 1: Register with the Society of Actuaries by the deadline date
  • NEXT - Wait 3-5 business days to receive 2nd email - Letter of Confirmation
  • STEP 2: Schedule a seat at a Prometric Center

Once your test date is set, you can start thinking about the specific topics you should cover in your Actuarial Exam FM prep course. Every Actuarial Exam FM class we offer consists of one-on-one instruction with a knowledgeable instructor, giving you the flexibility to study whatever you need to. Here are some of the topics you may wish to consider:

LEARNING OBJECTIVES Description Percentage of Test
1. Time Value of Money Calculating present value, current value, and accumulated value. (10-15%)
2. Topic: Annuities/cash flows with non-contingent payments (15-20%) Calculate sequences for non-contingent present value, current value, and accumulated value (15-20%)
3. Topic: Loans Loan related calculations (10-20%)
4. Topic: Bonds Key bond concepts and related calculations (10-20%)
5. Topic: General Cash Flows and Portfolios Key yield curves, rates of return, and measures of duration calculations (15-20%)
6. Topic: Immunization Cash flow matching and immunization calculations (10-15%)
7. Topic: Interest Rate Swaps Calculation related to interest rate swaps. (0-10%)
8. Topic: Determinants of Interest Rates Key concepts for determinants of interest rates, the components of interest, and related calculations. (0-10%)

Chances are, you are more comfortable with some of the topics above than others. The private learning environment offered by our Actuarial Exam FM course allows you to concentrate on your unique areas of opportunity to improve study efficiency. For example, let's say that you understand the mechanics of loans and bonds but have a harder time with interest rate swaps. Your Actuarial Exam FM courses can concentrate on interest rates until you are ready to go to something else, providing a level of flexibility that you frequently cannot get with competing products.

Your instructor may also be able to design Actuarial Exam FM prep class sessions around your individual needs. For instance, a hands-on learner might benefit from the use of real-world examples to illustrate abstract concepts, while an auditory learner might benefit from a lecture format that would do little for a more visual student. There is no universal best way to approach Actuarial Exam FM prep classes, so why not choose a format that can be tailored to your specific needs?

Likewise, Varsity Tutors tries to refer every student to an instructor who can meet according to your schedule. If you have a favorite hobby, work, or school that prevents you from studying at certain times throughout the week, we can try to set you up with an instructor with similar availability to avoid conflicts. All instruction also takes place on our exclusive Live Learning Platform, which utilizes features such as a virtual whiteboard to provide the benefits of face-to-face instruction without limiting yourself to a physical location. You can study anywhere as long as there is a stable internet connection!

If you are ready to enroll in Actuarial Exam FM classes or simply have a few more questions you would like answered, please reach out to Varsity Tutors today for more information. Educational Directors are standing by to help you out!

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