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If your child needs help in ISEE prep, Varsity Tutors can enroll them in a Madison ISEE class that can help them improve their test-taking abilities and gain confidence as they near their exam date. The Independent School Entrance Exam, also known as the ISEE, is given to children from the primary level through the upper grades to determine their ability to handle material they'll learn in school. While it is not the only entrance exam available to students, it is accepted by most independent and private schools. If you want to help your student focus on the exam and develop skills that could help improve their chances of being accepted at your preferred school, Varsity Tutors is here to help.

Perhaps your student struggles with their Math or Language skills. Maybe they would benefit from learning more about the test format and content. Either way, a Madison ISEE prep course can provide them with information and strategies to help them perform their best. When you enroll your student in a Madison ISEE prep course, they will gain access to an online class with fellow students that is led by an expert instructor.

What could a Madison ISEE class help my student review?

Your student's score on the ISEE could impact whether or not they are admitted into an independent school they've applied to. But what exactly does the entrance exam include? Well, the exam consists of five sections such as Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Math Achievement, and an Essay portion. Points vary across each section depending on the grade level for which your student is testing.

Verbal Reasoning is the first portion of the exam, consisting of 40 questions to be answered in 20 minutes. Students need to show their English skills through sentence completion questions and demonstrate how well they known synonyms. Roots, prefixes, and suffixes are some of the topics covered in the exam for the Upper and Middle levels. The Lower Levels need to understand commonly found vocabulary for their age range. The time limit and questions are the same for the Upper through Lower Levels.

Next is Quantitative Reasoning, which consists of 37 questions to answer in 35 minutes. Math knowledge is assessed here through the use of finding the mean, median and mode, geometric shapes, and measuring objects for the Upper Level exam. Middle Level students must use decimals, operations that include variables, and square roots in their work. Lower Level students demonstrate their ability to estimate, work with percent, and find patterns.

Reading Comprehension comes next, with 36 questions to answer in 35 minutes. Upper Level students will be required to show how cause and effect play a role in reading, identify relationships, understand vocabulary for their age level, and comprehend the intent of an author's message in a passage. Students at the Middle Levels will need to understand language that is inferred rather than explicitly stated and make use of their comparing and contrasting skills. Lower Level students must find and state the main ideas and locate crucial information within a passage.

The Math Achievement portion of the test involves answering 47 questions in 40 minutes. Upper Level exams include word problems, use grids, and require students to find areas and perimeters of geometric shapes. Middle Level students must show their ability to use prime numbers, work with fractions, and use ratios. Finally, Lower Level students use patterns, estimation, and simple operations in their portion of the exam.

All students finish up the exam with an Essay, which consists of one prompt to answer in 30 minutes. This allows them to show schools more about their personality and allows admissions officials to witness their writing abilities. For this reason, your student will need to complete this section using proper grammar, punctuation, and clear organization.

The Primary Level has an additional section that is not included for any grade level outside of Level 2 called Auditory Comprehension. Students in this age range will have 7 minutes to answer 6 questions, which students listen to and then answer accordingly.

Levels 2, 3, and 4 all have a Reading, Math and Writing section. The Reading section requires them to answer multiple-choice questions regarding vocabulary, while the Math section also features multiple-choice questions related to math problems. Finally, the Writing section asks students to write a response to a picture and tell a story about it. This is not graded and gives the school a closer look at the student's abilities and personality.

How do Madison ISEE courses help my student prepare?

ISEE courses are offered in an online environment, allowing students to work with their classmates from home. This is ideal for families that are busy and want to avoid an additional commute time outside of school and extracurricular activities. Parents can work with their students to select either two-week or four-week classes depending on study needs and how much material the student needs to go over. This means that an ISEE course allows your student to work in an environment that best fits their needs while still getting the test-prep assistance they need.

After signing up for a Madison ISEE class, your student gets to engage in live sessions with their classmates and instructor online, just as they would in a traditional classroom. The class allows them to cover all sections and share ideas. From how to approach the Essay portion to going over practice questions for the Verbal Reasoning section, working with others can help your student learn more about the exam and they can feel confident when that day arrives. If they still need individual assistance, the instructor is available to offer one-on-one guidance in any ISEE subject they're having issues with. Every part of the test-prep course is focused on helping your student develop skills that could help them improve their score.

How can I find a Madison ISEE course for my student?

Because it's important to do well on their entrance exam, enrolling in a Madison ISEE course is an investment in your student's future. Varsity Tutors can help you and your student get enrolled in a prep course that works with their schedule, from choosing a class in the afternoons to attending on the weekend. So contact Varsity Tutors today to get more information on how a Madison ISEE course could help your student improve their score and focus on their future.

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