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One of my strengths, and one of the reasons that I am good at test taking, is my ability to organize information. It's a skill I use both in my academic life, as well as professionally; as a stage manager, it is often my job to take in complicated and conflicting pieces of information (the blocking, a quick change in costumes, changes in a script) and quickly organize that information so that I can convey it to someone else. I enjoy and excel at condensing and re-communicating facts or tasks, so that they become comprehensible to someone who may not understand them the first time around.

It is not just my success at standardized tests or in my classes that will make me a great tutor, but also this skill and enthusiasm about learning. I understand that sometimes, the way you package and organize information is the most important part of teaching it to someone else, and that understanding someone's method of processing this information is the easiest way to get it to stick. Like I do backstage, I am excited about solving the puzzle of how someone learns best, and inspired by the idea of recognizing the specificities of each individual and treating each student with understanding and empathy.

Undergraduate Degree:

University of Chicago - Current Undergrad, Theater & Performance Studies

SAT Composite: 2370

SAT Math: 800

SAT Verbal: 800

SAT Writing: 770

SAT Mathematics Level 2: 740

SAT Subject Test in Literature: 730

Theatre, photography, art, exploring Chicago!

10th Grade Math

10th Grade Writing

11th Grade Math

11th Grade Writing

12th Grade Math

12th Grade Writing

9th Grade Math

9th Grade Writing

AP Studio Art: 2-D Design


College English

Comparative Literature

High School English

High School Writing

Homework Support


SAT Verbal