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Parents who want assistance with ISEE preparations for their student should contact Varsity Tutors and enroll their student in a Memphis ISEE prep course. The ISEE is one of the entrance exams that is accepted by most independent and private schools as a part of their admissions process. Varsity Tutors provides resources that can help students review content they will face during the ISEE and gain confidence in their test-taking abilities. While the score your student receives on the ISEE will not be the only factor used by admission committees evaluating applications, performing well on this exam could help your student stand out from the pool of applicants at your preferred schools.

The ISEE has six versions, and the one your student will be required to complete is dependent upon their grade level. The Primary Level includes three versions, Primary 2, Primary 3, and Primary 4. The Lower Level, Middle Level, and Upper Level make up the remaining three versions of the ISEE. The timing and the number of questions remain the same for every version of the exam except for the Primary Levels. Verbal Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Math Achievement, Quantitative Reasoning, and Essay are the exam sections for the three highest test levels. The Primary Level has only three sections on the ISEE, which are Reading, Math, and Writing. Primary Level 2 ISEE students have an additional segment to complete, entitled Auditory Comprehension, that is not required at any higher level.

What information will be included in a Memphis ISEE course?

Reading Comprehension, which includes thirty-six questions that the student must complete in thirty-five minutes, is the first section of the ISEE test we will discuss. Within the Reading section, students will have to show they are proficient with the main ideas, vocabulary, and answer questions that are related to reading passages. Students testing on the Upper and Middle Levels will have to show their ability to evaluate cause and effect, identify the author's intent, and demonstrate knowledge of literal and figurative language. They will also need to infer ideas that are not explicitly stated within written passages. The Lower Level students need to reflect their understanding of primary and central ideas inside written work.

The second portion of the ISEE is titled Quantitative Reasoning. This section focuses on the student's understanding of quantitative math skills. Concepts that Upper and Middle Level students will need to become comfortable with are determining probability, problem-solving, and geometry. Some of the topics that they should know are exponents, fractions, integers, decimals, and processes involving variables. The Middle Level students must know how to find the length of a line whereas the Lower Level students have to demonstrate their skills with division, addition, multiplication, and subtraction. No Quantitative Reasoning sections are on the Primary Level of the ISEE.

Next, let's discuss the Verbal Reasoning section of the ISEE. Similar to Reading Comprehension, this portion of the exam also assesses English skills. Upper Level students have to demonstrate their use of context clues, synonyms, and provide a response to sentence completion questions. Middle Level students will face items that refer to Greek, Anglo Saxon, and Latin language to evaluate the meaning of words and phrases. The Lower Level students should know how to use context clues sentence completion. All testing levels will present questions that reference grade-appropriate vocabulary. No Verbal Reasoning section is on the Primary Level ISEE.

Math Achievement will assess the student's comprehension of the skills used to demonstrate math operations. A few of the topics that students will see on the test is problem-solving, geometry, data analysis, and algebra. Younger students who test on the Lower Level will have to answer questions that show their understanding of estimation, symmetry, and patterns for successful completion of this section. For the Upper and Middle Level students, they will encounter items that they will need to find the area of quadrilaterals and triangles, mode, mean, and median. Additional concepts for Middle Level test takers require them to demonstrate their understanding of prime factorization and Venn Diagrams.

Lastly, students will also need to complete an Essay section. All ISEE test-takers must respond to a prompt that relates to a topic of interest within their grade level. Prospective schools will review the student's written work, which should show the student's personality and creativity along with strong writing skills. Once the student assesses the prompt, they will write a response, in story or essay form which directly relates to the prompt. Younger Primary Level students will respond to a picture prompt, while the older students who test on higher levels will respond to a written prompt. Some of the skills assessed within the Essay section include their ability to use proper punctuation and grammar while including relevant, creative details to hold the interest of the reader. The student's thought processes and the ability to organize their written work are skills that will also be critical to for this portion of the exam.

How can a Memphis ISEE class benefit my student?

Varsity Tutors allows students to participate in prep classes and work one-on-one with your teacher to seek additional help with a personal understanding of the material. A Memphis ISEE class uses online instruction which is structured similarly to a traditional classroom environment. New classes start weekly and are offered in two-week or four-week durations. The convenience of an interactive online learning environment provides your student with the opportunity to study from virtually any location and best fits you and your student's daily schedule.

Once your student becomes enrolled, live class sessions with a teacher and other students are available to work together in a learning environment which focuses explicitly on the ISEE material. The teachers may assign group activities to enhance individual skills and concepts that will be covered on the test.

How can parents enroll their student in a Memphis ISEE course?

Varsity Tutors will enroll your student in a Memphis ISEE course that fits within your schedule. Contact one of our educational consultants today, and they will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the course options.

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