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Helping your child prepare for an upcoming ISEE doesn't have to be stressful or time-consuming when you let the experts at Varsity Tutors help you get started with a professionally developed Nashville ISEE course. You could spend days reviewing the grade level criteria on which your child will be tested, or you could utilize a professional resource that will let your child get started with their preparation efforts right away.

The ISEE is a respected standardized test used by many magnet and independent schools as part of their application process. If your child will be applying to an elite school, helping them do well on this test is one of the most important things you can do to influence the decision of admissions officials. While ISEE scores are not the only consideration, they are an important component, and it makes sense to give your child every possible advantage as they prepare for this high stakes test. Continue reading to learn more about what is covered on the various levels of the ISEE and how Varsity Tutors can help you provide your child with a Nashville ISEE prep course.

What does a Nashville ISEE course cover?

A Nashville ISEE course can help your child prepare for any level of the ISEE. The test levels are based on the grade your child will be entering. Students who will be entering the ninth grade will take the Upper Level ISEE. The Middle Level ISEE is for students who will be going into grade seven or eight. The Lower Level ISEE is for children who will be moving into grade five or six. The Primary Level ISEE is actually three distinct levels; Primary 2, Primary 3, and Primary 4. These levels correspond to the grade level your child will be entering into.

The Lower, Middle, and Upper levels of the ISEE all have the same core sections and time restrictions associated with the individual sections. However, the number of questions and the skills tested do change from one level to the next.

Your child will have 20 minutes to complete the Verbal Reasoning section of the ISEE. This part of the test assesses grade level appropriate English language skills such as sentence completion, vocabulary, parts of speech, roots, prefixes, suffixes, and using context clues to derive a word's meaning.

Students have 35 minutes to complete the Reading Comprehension section of the exam. This portion of the test evaluates grade-level appropriate concepts and skills such as finding the main idea, vocabulary, identifying supporting details, author's intent, organization and logic, comparing and contrasting information, inferring meaning, cause and effect, figurative and literal language, tone, and style.

On the Quantitative Reasoning portion of the ISEE, students have 35 minutes to answer questions that evaluate their aptitude for mathematical thinking. Some of the grade-level appropriate concepts and skills that may be included are numbers and operations, data analysis, measurement, probability, problem-solving, working with variables and exponents, solving equations, finding the perimeter and area of a shape, making inferences about a data set, algebra, integers, fractions, decimals, percents, operations involving variables, square roots, using formulas, addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication.

Students have 40 minutes to complete all items in the Math Achievement section of the ISEE. During this portion of the exam, their math operations skills will be measured. Some of the specific skills and topics on which they may be tested include solving word problems, solving equations, using a coordinate grid, integer comparison, using factors, properties of operations, prime factorization, estimation, working with fractions, using a Venn Diagram, patterns, and symmetry.

All Primary Level ISEE testers will have their reading and math skills evaluated. This may include vocabulary, reading comprehension, and basic math operations. Primary 2 has an additional section that assesses the child's auditory comprehension skills. The child has a passage read to them for this portion of the exam, and must then answer questions based on the information they were given.

There is also an Essay section for each level of the ISEE. Unlike the other portions of the exam, this is not scored by testing officials. However, it is still critical that you prepare your child to do their best for their writing sample because a copy of it will be forwarded to any school to which they apply. Some of the writing techniques and skills they may need to refine include grammar, punctuation, spelling, using relevant details, planning and organizing a written piece, and staying on topic. This is an opportunity for admissions officials to get to know your child's writing style and personality. You want to make sure they shine here!

How can a Nashville ISEE course help my child prepare?

A prep course provides a structured learning environment with grade-level appropriate subject area curriculum designed to help your child prepare for their level of the ISEE. Courses are held in a secure online learning environment and operate in a way that is very similar to a traditional classroom. The teacher will provide direct instruction to the group and may then encourage group discussions or assigning projects to help further student's understanding of the material. If your child has a question, they will have opportunities to consult with an instructor.

All of our courses are composed of individual sections, and new sections begin each week. This modular design makes it easy to have your child start their review as soon as their ready. When you register your child for a course, you can choose between two and four-week sessions, so it's easy to find the right duration to meet your child's learning needs.

If you want your child to have a comprehensive review of the material that will be covered in their level of the ISEE, a professionally designed course is a great solution.

How can I enroll my child in a Nashville ISEE class?

Varsity Tutors can help you quickly enroll your child in a Nashville ISEE class or course. By registering your child in a professionally created prep course, you are giving them the academic support they need to work more efficiently towards their ISEE scoring goals. Contact Varsity Tutors now to get started today.

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