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Varsity Tutors is here to help French learners of all ages and course levels. Are you currently learning French or do you have the desire to do so in the future? Do you live in the Madison, WI area? We are now taking students from area schools and colleges like University of Wisconsin - Madison and West High School as well as adult learners. Many schools in the region offer French as a language course. If you are wanting a better grasp on the language or the chance to learn at your own pace, let a Madison French tutor assist with the education.

Did you know that almost 300 million people speak French? It is one of the six official languages of the United Nations. It is spoken as a national language in more than two dozen countries worldwide. Tutors can assist you in learning a language that may give you an edge in an international business transaction since French is so widely spoken. There is an old saying that there are only seven degrees of separation between you and any other person on the planet, so perhaps sharing a common language will make a connection for you. You may come across a new French-speaking connection while on vacation in Monaco, on a business trip to Southeast Asia, or maybe visiting relatives in Quebec.

Madison French lessons come in the form of two different options: online course or private instruction either online or in person. These options help you get the most with Varsity Tutors. By enrolling in an online course, you can stay fresh with French language skills or start a new journey. Maybe there is a tough concept such as complex relative pronouns - avec lequel, sur lequel etc, that you aren't feeling confident in. This is where a private lesson may come in handy.

What will the lessons cover?

The lessons will cover the ins and outs of speaking French, including but not limited to understanding of nouns (feminine, masculine), verbs (conjugations), and question words (quand, comment, pourquoi.) French is a complex language to understand and master. There are unfamiliar concepts such as written accents, irregular verb conjugation, and new spoken sounds. The courses and private instruction will give you the opportunity to get the amount of practiced required for you to feel confident in your abilities within the French language. By regularly hearing and speaking the language, you may see a higher retention of the skills than with just school offered classes alone.

Aside from listening to and speaking French, you will get a look into French culture and history with a Madison French tutor. Learning cultural context along with the grammar and language skills give a variety of content to supplement your learning. Your instructor may elect to speak only in French depending on your skill level. This will create the opportunity to be fully immersed in French during your Madison French lessons.

If you would like to "dig in" to a particular concept, a private teacher may be the best option for you. Our private instructors can teach online or in person. The Madison French tutors have a great understanding of the language and can help you learn to the best of your ability using a variety of different learning techniques such as visual, audio, and by touch. You may act out a well-known movie or TV show in French, or perhaps visit a local grocery store and hold each food item as you are learning their French names.

What is the difference between the two types of Madison French lessons?

Varsity Tutors is offering online, group lessons in French and also one-on-one private tutoring lessons either online or in person. The online group lessons are especially accessible to those with busy schedules. You and a group of other students will work collaboratively to learn in a virtual environment lead by an instructor. This setting allows for countless opportunities to practice conversation and grammar topics like verbs to express opinion - je crois que, je pense que, etc. This classroom setting allows the students to get feedback from one another as well as from an experienced French speaker. There are rolling admissions to our lessons starting each month. There are lessons being held in the virtual classroom during a variety of times; you'll be sure to find one that works the best for your unique schedule.

If you feel you want a more personalized Madison French lesson experience, the one-on-one private lessons may be the right choice for you. These private lessons allow ample time to explore deeper into topics in French language that you may be learning at school, or in our group lessons. You have the choice to meet the teacher online or in person. The private French lessons provide you the opportunity to work on your language skills where you are most comfortable, from your home, the UW Madison library, or even deep in a natural environment at Devil's Lake State Park. In an online session, you'll have access to the Live Learning Platform. In this platform, you will be able to video chat with the instructor and share a collaborative whiteboard.

Does this sound like the French learning experience you are looking for?

To begin learning with Varsity Tutors, please reach out to our educational consultants today. Let them know you are interested in Madison French lessons, and which type of learning you feel you will strive in, either group or private lesson structure. Learning French is a difficult task, but with educational assistance you will gain study skills and knowledge to reach for your goals in French. With French language skills in your back pocket, you could have a broader sense of how to navigate other Romantic languages, be able to hold your own in important business negotiations in France, Quebec, or Monaco, and share your new-found knowledge with others. Are you ready to take the reins on your French language potential? Get in contact via the number provided and get started with an online classroom or a private instruction lesson today!

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