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If you have been looking for professional Ann Arbor French lessons, Varsity Tutors offers two different types of instruction to help you build a better understanding of the language. French is a popular language that's spoken as either a native or secondary language by almost 300 million people worldwide. It is an official language of the United Nations, France, and parts of Canada, Belgium, and Switzerland. Studying it can open up doors for work and pleasure that many people can only dream of.

That said, native English speakers may have a hard time grasping all of the language's idiosyncrasies. In French, every single noun has a gender that affects the pronoun it takes. Many common verbs also have "irregular" conjugations, meaning that the general rules for past tense don't actually apply. French also has more accent marks and unfamiliar spoken sounds to someone familiar with English, so you might need some extra help to learn your new language.

That's where we come in. Whether you are just starting to study French at Pioneer High School, trying to jump ahead of your syllabus at Huron High School, taking the language to fulfill a general education requirement at the University of Michigan, or preparing for a trip to Europe, working with a knowledgeable Ann Arbor tutor can help you reach for your potential. Continue reading to learn more about how we may be able to help you.

How can taking Ann Arbor French lessons help me improve my language skills?

One of the best ways to learn a foreign language is also the simplest: practice. Languages are hard to learn on your own because it's difficult to find conversation partners. Ann Arbor French lessons ensure that you always have a practice partner in a supportive learning environment, where it's okay to make mistakes and even better to ask questions. Depending on your level, some instructors may require all communication to take place in French to force you to grow more comfortable understanding and speaking the language. Others allow pupils to ease into it, taking questions in English until their pupil is confident enough to use French regularly.

You can also review French grammar rules with a knowledgeable instructor. If you are a visual learner, you might benefit from using flashcards to learn which words need a "le" and which ones take "la" instead. Alternatively, an auditory student might listen to French language media to develop a better understanding of how native speakers distinguish between the two. Both are valid approaches to studying French, but traditional classrooms often lack the flexibility to adapt to an individual's needs.

Many French classes have some kind of written component, and composing an essay in a foreign language can seem hard. You might study useful phrases such as "je pense que" (I think that) that can be incorporated into virtually any situation, helping you get that first line on the page. Your instructor can also provide constructive criticism on your work, identifying your strengths while making you aware of any areas of opportunity for further study.

Some French classes also cover French history or culture. These areas are more reminiscent of a traditional social studies class than studying a new language, but an Ann Arbor French tutor can still help you learn it. You might learn a mnemonic device to remember how French culture differs from your own, or maybe sing a song about the French perspective on the Hundred Years War.

What advantages do Ann Arbor French lessons provided by Varsity Tutors offer?

Varsity Tutors offers two services to individuals interested in studying French: online courses and private tutoring. If you choose to enroll in a French course, you will study with a knowledgeable instructor and several other students learning the language. All instruction takes place on our live virtual platform, an online classroom that facilitates real-time interaction between everyone attending the course. Thus, you get the benefits of face-to-face instruction without the hassle of a commute.

Sharing your classroom with other students can also prove beneficial. Instead of only having one practice partner, you'll have a classroom full of them. This can give you experience listening to a variety of different accents and dialects that more accurately simulates what you would hear in a French-speaking country. You can also help each other out as needed, fostering a collaborative learning environment to deepen everyone's understanding of the language.

We also try to make attending a class as convenient as possible. We provide two and four-week sessions to make it easier for busy individuals to invest in their own self-improvement. We also start new classes on a monthly basis, so you never need to wait too long to enroll in one.

If you feel like you need individualized attention to learn French, we can match you with a private instructor who can work either online or in-person instead. Working in a one-on-one learning environment allows your educator to design sessions around your unique needs. If you're having a hard time determining when to use the past perfect vs. the past conditional tense, your instructor can try new ways of explaining it until it clicks for you. On the other hand, a learner who immediately grasps nominalisation can quickly move onto another topic to keep their sessions engaging and productive.

Our proprietary Live Learning Platform leverages features such as video chat functionality and a virtual whiteboard to provide a face-to-face study experience anywhere with a stable internet connection. As such, we recommend it as the most convenient method of meeting with your instructor. If you would prefer a physical meetup, it can take place at a local library, your school, a coffee shop, or even your own home for added convenience. Either way, you are in complete control of when each session begins to mitigate the risk of a scheduling conflict.

Can I sign up for Ann Arbor French lessons today?

Whether you're a student studying French in school, a working professional interested in the job opportunities being bilingual can open up, or a lifelong learner trying to make the most of an upcoming trip to Paris, Varsity Tutors can enroll you in a French course or find you an Ann Arbor French tutor in as little as 24 hours. Reach out to an educational consultant today to get the process started!

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