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Born in the United States, I moved to France when I was seven years old. Because of that slightly jarring move and my BA in Linguistics from Georgetown University, I have a wonderful understanding of how languages are learned and how to teach them. I have tutored French and ESL to students of all ages. I thoroughly enjoy sitting down with a student of mine, pinpointing their problems, and then addressing them in an efficient but exciting manner.
I also enjoy deconstructing tests with students; figuring out what the test is asking for and how to give the testing service what it wants. Students do best on these standardized forms of assessment when they know specifically what is being asked of them, and I am more than happy to help them figure it out.
I can also engage students more fully in their homework in general, ensuring that they are not only completing their assignments accurately, but also verifying their grasp on the material.
I look forward to meeting all of you!

Undergraduate Degree:

 Georgetown University - BA, Linguistics

SAT Composite: 2240

SAT Math: 730

SAT Verbal: 750

SAT Writing: 760

SAT Subject Test in French: 800

SAT Subject Test in Literature: 770

Film, Theater, Gastronomy, Education

College English

Conversational French

High School English