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Varsity Tutors can lend you a hand with your exam with a CLEP Natural Sciences test preparation service. We offer superb CLEP Natural Sciences preparation programs to help students feel ready for current and future tests. CLEP is short for the College Level Examination Program, a program that provides 33 tests covering introductory-level college course subjects. If you receive a passing score on a test, you could earn at least three college credits toward many colleges. If you desire extra assistance from CLEP Natural Sciences tutors, reach out to us to learn more about our CLEP Natural Sciences prep services.

The Natural Sciences exam includes a host of topics related to physical sciences and biological sciences. Taught at the college freshman and sophomore levels, this test features material that meets general education requirements that many non-science majors study like the basic concepts and principles of science and how science-related issues affect contemporary society.

You need to possess certain knowledge and skills when signing up for a CLEP Natural Science test prep service. Here they are below:

  • Knowledge and Skills Required
    • Knowledge of fundamental facts, concepts, and principles (about 40% of the examination)
    • Interpretation and comprehension of information (about 20% of the examination) presented in the form of graphs, diagrams, tables, equations, or verbal passages
    • Qualitative and quantitative application of scientific principles (about 40% of the examination), including applications based on material presented in the form of graphs, diagrams, tables, equations, or verbal passages; more emphasis is given to qualitative than quantitative applications

A CLEP Natural Sciences class helps you adopt good study skills that will be an asset once you enter college and graduate school if you decide to further your education. These CLEP Natural Sciences classes are taught by tutors who know physical sciences and biological sciences like the back of their hands. CLEP Natural Sciences tutoring can assist you with any topic that's bothering you.

By enrolling in a CLEP Natural Sciences course, you benefit in many ways. For one, you can request a tutor to conduct CLEP Natural Sciences prep lessons at a slow pace if you're having trouble with certain topics or at a fast pace if you've mastered some topics already. You can also ask a tutor to teach you in a way that helps you learn best, even if it's an unconventional way. CLEP Natural Sciences courses don't have to be limited to lectures or slides. Feel free to ask a tutor to show you a film or create a project that's related to what you're studying.

This test has about 120 questions that you need to answer within 90 minutes. Below are a couple of sample questions:

Practice Questions:

  • In the prophase of mitosis,
    • homologous chromosomes become paired
    • the centriole reappears
    • tetrads of chromatids appear
    • synapsis takes place
    • chromosomes are doubled and the duplicated chromotids may be observed
  • Nephrons
    • excrete only water
    • filter the blood and reabsorb useful substances
    • are functional units of the spleen
    • are functional units of the pancreas
    • regulate body temperature

With CLEP Natural Sciences test prep, you can try to quell any test anxiety you may have by taking a practice exam. Practice exams help you review topics you studied at school, plus they give you an opportunity to time yourself to ensure that you can complete it within the time limit.

Since you're completing high school, now is the time to buckle down on your studies in your CLEP Natural Sciences test prep program. Your CLEP Natural Sciences prep tutor can help you make better use of your time by working at your side and offering helpful time management tips. What's awesome about CLEP Natural Sciences test prep programs is that they're in virtual environments, allowing you to communicate with instructors without going anywhere. To get started with our CLEP Natural Sciences prep program, contact a Varsity Tutors representative today.

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