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Florida EOC Assessment prep is available through Varsity Tutors. At the end of the school year, Florida high school students must complete five End-of-Course (EOC) assessment tests: Biology I, Algebra I, US History, Civics, and Geometry. All five exams are completed across two days over four 90-minute sessions. The broad range of concepts covered across each test may seem challenging to prepare for, much less decide where to start. Since these exams determine if you earn a diploma or a completion certificate, you may want to take Florida EOC Assessment preparation seriously. Luckily, you can find Florida EOC Assessment courses with the help of our academic advisers. Our Florida EOC Assessment test prep services can help you take your study sessions to a new level.

One of the first steps to choosing a solid Florida EOC Assessment class is to identify the assessment test that you will be taking. Your Florida EOC Assessment tutors can help you figure it out. The table below lists the Algebra and Geometry assessment tests based on the subject-related courses you are enrolled in:

FSA EOC Assessments - Students to Be Tested:

  • All students enrolled in and completing one of the courses aligned to the Florida Standards listed in the table
    below must participate in the appropriate assessment. In accordance with section 1008.22(3)(b)2., Florida
    Statutes, middle grades students will not be tested on both FSA Mathematics and a mathematics EOC
    assessment. Middle grades students enrolled in Algebra 1 or Geometry must take the corresponding EOC
    assessment, not the grade-level mathematics assessment.
Assessments Course
Algebra 1 Algebra 1 - 1200310
Algebra 1 Honors - 1200320
Algebra 1-B - 1200380
Pre-AICE Mathematics 1 - 1209810
IB Middle Years Program/Algebra 1 Honors - 1200390
Geometry Geometry - 1206310
Geometry Honors - 1206320
IB Middle Years Program Geometry Honors - 1206810
Pre-AICE Mathematics 2 - 1209820

There are also several different exam types that your Florida EOC Assessment test preparation must factor in. The table below covers subject-specific tests based on your Civics, US History, and Biology I courses:

Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS) End-of-Course (EOC) Assessments Students to Be Tested:

  • All students enrolled in and completing one of the following courses aligned to the NGSSS will participate in the
    appropriate assessment:
Assessment Course
Biology 1 Biology 1 - 2000310
Biology 1 Honors - 2000320
Pre-AICE Biology IGCSE Level - 2000322
Biology Technology - 2000430
Florida's PreIB Biology 1 - 2000800
IB Middle Years Program Biology - 2000850
Integrated Science 3 - 2002440
Integrated Science 3 Honors - 2002450
Civics M/J Civics - 2106010
M/J Civics - 2106015
M/J Civics & Career Planning - 2106016
M/J Civics, Advanced - 2106020
M/J Civics, Advanced - 2106025
M/J Civics, Advanced & Career Planning - 2106026
M/J Civics and Digital Technologies - 2106029
M/J U.S. History & Civics - 2100045
M/J IB Middle Years Program Civics Advanced - 2106027
M/J IB Middle Years Program Civics Advanced & Career Planning - 2106028
U.S. History United States History - 2100310
United States History Honors - 2100320
Visions and Countervisions: Europe, U.S. and the World from 1848 - 2100390
Visions and Countervisions: Europe, U.S. and the World from 1848 Honors - 2100480

One-on-one Florida EOC Assessment prep can give you valuable support as you build your academic skills for your exams. Your instructor can spend Florida EOC Assessment classes focusing on the exams and concepts that you have the most room for development. They can help you determine your readiness for each exam by assessing your skills and abilities. Furthermore, they can develop a personalized lesson plan that takes your learning style, interests, and testing goals into account. This plan is the basis of your Florida EOC Assessment course.

Thorough Florida EOC Assessment test prep focuses entirely on your needs as an individual student. You don't have to review content that you feel confident about. For instance, if you fully understand classification and differentiation between organisms, your instructor can skip right over it to focus on your data analyzation skills. Florida EOC Assessment tutoring is meant to proceed at a pace that you are comfortable with to help you get the most out of each study session.

With the individualized attention offered through our Florida EOC Assessment prep services, you can spend time working with an instructor whose sole focus is your needs. This allows you to freely ask questions and get instant feedback without worrying about disappearing into a crowd of other students. Throughout each of your Florida EOC Assessment test prep sessions, your instructor can regularly assess your progress and adjust their teaching strategies. You can benefit from your instructor's test prep experience. They can introduce you to a variety of strategies that can help you put your best foot forward on the exam.

If you think you may benefit from customized Florida EOC Assessment prep, get in touch with Varsity Tutors. Our academic advisers can't wait to help you choose the ideal instructor to bring efficiency to your Florida EOC Assessment test prep.

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