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Reach out to Varsity Tutors if you are looking for Denver French lessons. If you are a student at East High School or Mullen High School looking to get some help with your high school French classes, we can help. Students applying to the University of Denver and adult students looking to learn a new language can benefit from French lessons as well.

French isn't just the official language of France. It is also widely spoken in certain areas of Canada as well as in other countries around the world, such as Belgium, Switzerland, countries in North Africa, and former French colonies. Fifty-five countries around the world have designated French as their official or main second language. It is estimated that 300 million people around the world speak French.

Studying a new language can prove to be very beneficial. Besides looking good on your school applications and job resumes, it has many practical applications. Studying a language can open up new opportunities and allow you to make new connections. If you plan on entering the business world, knowledge of another language can help you make more business deals and improve your negotiations. If you plan on entering the academic world, knowledge of French can give you the opportunity to read new literature. In general, knowledge of another language, especially one that is as commonly spoken as French is, can help you interact with more people both at home and when you travel.

If you are having trouble understanding French or you simply want to review what you are learning in a class a second time, Denver French lessons can help. We offer two types of lessons: courses and private instruction, depending on your schedule and your goals. Some students opt to do both in order to really challenge themselves.

What kinds of skills will I learn when taking Denver French lessons?

French is a complicated language, and diligent practice is required in order to master it. During your French lessons, you may cover topics such as accented letters, pronunciation, and masculine and feminine nouns. Pronunciation, in particular, is an area for which lessons can help you out.

Learning how to pronounce words in a foreign language correctly is something that many language learners struggle with. This is particularly so when it comes to French. Words and letters are often not pronounced the way they would seem to an American based on the way they are written.

Studying French in a group setting gives you an opportunity to practice your skills. The reality is that without practicing the language that you are studying, it is often very difficult to master it. In order to become fluent in a language, you must speak it with other people. When studying French in the United States, finding people who you can practice French with can be difficult. Taking French lessons is a great way to find other people who you can practice the language with. Depending on your level, the instructor of the class may conduct sessions that are entirely in French, with no English speaking allowed.

Some students will prefer one-on-one instruction from a Denver French tutor. There are many benefits to this as well, particularly with regards to pronunciation. A private language instructor can help you out with specific words that you have been pronouncing the wrong way. With foreign languages, there are often subtle nuances in pronunciation that can be hard for non-native speakers to pick up on. Your private mentor can help you with that.

A private language mentor can also focus on topics that interest you. For example, if you are interested in current events, your instructor can use resources such as recently published French newspapers to help aid in your studies. This can also give you some insight into French culture, which can help with your understanding of the language as well. Or, if you are interested in history and ancient literature, your instructor can use famous pieces of French literature during your studies.

How do Denver French lessons work?

Studying a language alone is tough for many students. Fortunately, there are easy ways to overcome the difficulties involved in studying a foreign language. When you choose to enroll in our French course, you will get the opportunity to study with fellow students and practice your French. These classes take place over the internet in a virtual classroom, which makes them very convenient regardless of where in Denver you are located. If you feel as if you need some private mentoring after your class, you can request private time with your class instructor.

Another option is studying with a private Denver French tutor. This way, you can focus on areas in which you need specific help. For example, some students find it particularly difficult to grasp topics such as past and future tenses, question words, the passive tense, and complex relative pronouns. When you choose this option, you can study with your private mentor over the internet. Your study sessions will take place on our Live Learning Platform. This is a great option for those looking for convenience, as you can schedule the lessons when you want. You can also take these lessons from your own home. Those who prefer meeting with their tutor in person can be connected to a Denver tutor near them. You can meet your tutor at your house, at your local library, in the nearest cafe, or at your school - whatever option works best for you.

How can I start my Denver French lessons?

We know that studying a new language can be tough. That is why we offer convenient options to aid you in your studies. If you want to get started with a course or private language mentoring, or if you are simply curious and want to get more information about these options, contact Varsity Tutors today. We can connect you with a Denver French tutor in as little as 24 hours or enroll you in the next language class (there are new sections starting each month).

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