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If you find yourself in need of some assistance learning the intricate French language, Varsity Tutors would be happy to help by getting you set up with Boston French lessons. Whether you are a student at an area high school or college such as Boston Latin School or Harvard, needing a little guidance through your language course, or you are learning a new language for any other reason, it can be a challenge to face on your own. Utilizing an additional resource, such as lessons or a private tutor, can be an effective way to practice your French language skills.

French is the only other language aside from English that is spoken on all the continents, and it is the official language of 29 countries. It is the fourth native language in the United States and the second most taught second language. Being fluent in an influential second language, such as French, can be beneficial both in and outside of the workplace. Being a bilingual applicant could potentially give you an edge while applying to companies, particularly ones that rely on international connections. Understanding a second language can, also, be helpful for any traveling, whether for business or for pleasure.

Regardless of where you are in your French language skills, just starting out with the basics of your first class or looking to work ahead and give yourself more of a challenge, Varsity Tutors can set you up with either courses or private lessons to help. You have the opportunity to get started in one of these options quickly and to find the right one to fit your schedule and needs. Each type of lesson is taught by highly qualified instructors and offers its own unique benefits. You may even find that a combination of both is the best option for you.

What types of language skills could Boston French lessons help me to review?

From high school level French courses, such as the ones taught at Match Charter Public School, to more advanced French classes in area colleges like MIT, there are many different concepts that lessons can help you get more familiar and comfortable with. French is a Romance language with Latin roots. It has many unique skills to learn including complex relative pronouns, gendered nouns, written accents, and pronunciations. With different dialects being spoken in different parts of the world and each having different idioms and phrases, mastering this language can seem daunting. Regular practice and consistency with writing, speaking, and reading the language may be the key to your success. French lessons can offer the consistent practice needed to effectively retain your language skills.

A lack of practice is one of the most common barriers to successful language learning. Working in the group setting of Boston French lessons will give you the ability to practice regularly. This consistent exposure to the French language can help increase your language skills, such as vocabulary and pronunciation. Depending on your level, your instructor may even work on language immersion and only speak in French and require you and the other students to do the same. During Boston French lessons, you might work on group activities and in group discussions to help you feel more comfortable using and understanding French.

A Boston French tutor would be a great option if you prefer a more individualized approach to your learning. When you work one-on-one with an instructor, you have the opportunity to spend as much time on any topic that you need more help understanding. A private academic mentor can get to know your strengths and challenges and customize a learning plan to work with your learning style.

How do the different types of Boston French lessons work?

Learning French on your own may seem daunting as it can take a lot of practice and effort. This may seem especially difficult if you already have a busy schedule filled with other school work, a family life, extracurriculars, or a full work schedule. Luckily, Boston French lessons have new sessions that start each month and are held at a variety of times. With the option of either a two- or four-week session, you will be sure to find one that fits into your schedule. These collaborative virtual sessions are fully interactive, so you have the ability to ask your instructor questions and engage in classroom conversations. While you are working with other students, you may discover new language study skills or a different, more efficient way to remember the different past and future tenses of the French language. If you find yourself needing a little more understanding of a particularly tricky language concept, you can take some one-on-one time with your instructor to discuss this further.

If you feel that the customized learning plan of a Boston French tutor would be the better fit for your needs, we can connect you with a highly qualified instructor. If you decide on private instruction, you will have the option of working with your tutor online or in person. When you work with your instructor online, you get the added convenience of attending sessions whenever they fit into your busy schedule. Maybe you would like to fit a session into your lunch hour or before or after your class or work schedule. With the online session, you will meet with your tutor on our Live Learning Platform. You can use video chat and a virtual whiteboard there to take part in your individual learning session. If you would prefer to work with your instructor in person, you can arrange for sessions at your home, at a nearby library, or maybe even a French-style cafe.

How can I get started with Boston French lessons?

Becoming fluent in French could be beneficial in both your personal and professional future. Whether you feel that the group classes would be the most helpful in your learning, or if private tutoring sounds like the right fit for your needs, Varsity Tutors can get you started. We can even help you decide which option could be the best resource for you. Reach out to our educational consultants today for more information.

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