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Learning French can feel intimidating when you're doing the majority of the work on your own, but with the help of Varsity Tutors, you can participate in St. Louis French lessons to provide you with the support you need to learn the language more effectively. If you're a student at one of the local high schools like St. Louis University High School or Metro High School and you need help preparing for a final, or you want to study for college-level French classes, having the guidance of a fluent speaker of the language in addition to your regular class time can be invaluable.

French is one of the most popular languages for students who want to expand their career prospects beyond the borders of the United States. Nearly 300 million people speak French around the world, and it's the second most influential language in the world economy. It's one of the official languages of some of the most prestigious international organizations, including the International Olympic Committee, international courts, UNESCO, NATO, the European, the International Red Cross, and the United Nations. If you're a student attending a local college like Washington University in St. Louis or Saint Louis University and you want to pursue a career that has international connections, becoming fluent in French is one of the best academic decisions you can make.

France and countries with French speakers such as Canada, Monaco, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Switzerland are among the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The French language has a rich culture associated with it, and learning the language can make international travel more enjoyable. It also opens up cultural resources such as French media, literature, cuisine, education, and museums. If your goal is to learn French to enjoy the culture more thoroughly, French lessons can help you work on improving your fluency in the language. Continue reading to learn more about the types of lessons, what they cover, and how Varsity Tutors can support you on your language acquisition journey.

What skills can St. Louis French lessons help me build?

Any of the core skills associated with learning the French language can be addressed in French lessons. You can review the technical skills related to learning the language like vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, tenses, parts of speech, and pronunciation, and you can learn more about the culture and history of France. You can also work on your listening and speaking skills as part of your studies.

How can enrolling in a class for St. Louis French lessons help me learn the language?

Classes offer a structured learning environment, professional instruction, group support, and direct feedback. Your class will be held in a secure online learning environment, but the format will be similar to what you would experience in a traditional classroom. The digital learning experience is more convenient because there is no need to add a commute time to or from your class, and multiple sessions times are available from which to choose.

We have a rigorous vetting process candidates must go through before being accepted as an instructor in a French course. This ensures you are working with someone who is fluent in French and who can effectively communicate with a wide range of students. Your teacher will deliver lessons to the class and may then facilitate group discussions, partnerships for students to practice in, or assignments to help integrate the class material. If you have any questions or need additional assistance, you can always request one-on-one time with an instructor to work on specific areas.

The group support of a class shouldn't be overlooked. Learning a language in a group allows you to practice with peers and a fluent speaker of the language, which has been shown to deepen one's understanding. Not only does it help you as a language learner, but it can also help you save money on the cost of St. Louis French lessons. Classes allow students to distribute the cost of working with an experienced French teacher, so it is more affordable for each individually.

How is working with a St. Louis French tutor different from taking a class?

When you work individually with a St. Louis French tutor, you have the opportunity to receive individualized instruction. Your instructor can take the time to learn more about your personality, your language learning needs, and the challenges you've faced in mastering French. This information can then be used to create custom lessons with content specific to your needs and goals. Your French tutor can also work through material at your pace, providing extra explanations for gendered nouns when necessary, for example.

St. Louis French tutors can work directly with you and offer you a more fully immersive language experience. Depending on your level of French, your personal instructor may spend sessions conversing with you entirely in French to help you make the leap from translating from English to French in your head to thinking and speaking in French intuitively. If you have specific questions about the structure of a sentence, verb tense, pronunciation, or any other technical aspect of the language, you can receive direct feedback quickly from your personal instructor in real time so you can move on with the lesson with more confidence.

You can work with your private instructor at a time that is most convenient for your busy schedule. Sessions can be scheduled throughout the week and on weekends during the day or evening hours.

One solution is not better than another - it is simply that they are designed differently. If you prefer a group learning environment and want a systematic approach, classes are an excellent option. If you prefer individualized instruction in a one-on-one setting, tutoring may be more appropriate.

How can I get started with St. Louis French lessons?

Varsity Tutors makes it easy to get started with whichever type of St. Louis French lessons are right for you. If you want to enroll in a class or be connected with a skilled French tutor, we can help. Contact Varsity Tutors now to get started.

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