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Education and learning are key to success. If one can succeed in a classroom or learning environment, one is likely to succeed in life. I have always enjoyed learning a variety of subjects. I am especially tailored to math and science subjects and have performed very well in those classes in the academic setting. I majored in Biological Sciences/pre-medical studies at Ohio State University and minored in business management. I have done some graduate coursework in statistics and medical studies and really enjoy both of these areas. The field of applied statistics/biostatistics and decision analytics is really appealing to me as I am looking to pursue a master's degree in these areas as I can use my strong quantitative knowledge along with my medical and clinical knowledge to really make a difference in society. Teaching and tutoring students is something that I have a passion for. I have helped volunteer to tutor students at an organization called St. Vincent de Paul with students coming from disadvantaged backgrounds. It was a really rewarding experience for me as I was able to really help students with reading and math skills and really see them grow. I also have worked as an Instructor at Mathnasium helping students of all different ages and all different levels for a curriculum of learning objectives to improve their quantitative skills. Helping high school students improve their skills in school and study for the SAT and ACT through assessments and lesson plans I have helped with have really helped plenty of students improve and meet their goals. Doing well in a certain subject really helps to improve one's confidence and self-image and this can carry on to other areas of one's life. I have seen this in myself and plenty of other students I have taught. My experience in working with students from all different ages and backgrounds has really helped me improve my confidence and communication skills and really relate to certain struggles students go through. This has made me a better instructor. Having the foundations and understanding concepts are the keys to succeeding, finding one's true passion and purpose in the world, and I love being a part of individuals overcoming difficulties in any topic and reaching their potential.

Undergraduate Degree:

Ohio State University-Main Campus - Bachelors, Biological Sciences/Pre-Medicine

I love Math and Science subjects and have a good background in both of these areas. Outside of school and work, I love sports, especially basketball, and enjoy spending time with friends and family and movies and TV shows.

ACCUPLACER Arithmetic Prep

ACCUPLACER Elementary Algebra Prep

ACCUPLACER ESL - Listening Prep

ACCUPLACER ESL - Sentence Meaning Prep

Anatomy & Physiology

Basic Computer Literacy


Biomedical Engineering


Business Analytics

Business Calculus


Cell Biology


CLEP Biology

CLEP Calculus

CLEP Chemistry

CLEP College Algebra

CLEP College Composition

CLEP College Composition Modular

CLEP College Mathematics

CLEP Financial Accounting

CLEP History of the United States II: 1865 to the Present

CLEP Human Growth and Development

CLEP Natural Sciences

CLEP Precalculus

Clinical Psychiatry

College Accounting

College Application Essays

College Biology

College Business

College Economics

COMPASS Mathematics Prep

COMPASS Reading Prep

COMPASS Writing Skills Prep

Conversational Spanish

DAT Survey of the Natural Sciences

Data Structure


Developmental Biology



Evolutionary Biology


GMAT Quantitative

GMAT Verbal


High School Biology

Human Development

IB BIology

IB Business & Management

IB Chemistry

IB Mathematical Studies


Medical Terminology


Molecular Biology

Molecular Genetics




OAT Quantitative Reasoning


PCAT Quantitative Ability

PCAT Verbal Ability



Quantitative Reasoning

SAT Subject Tests Prep

Social Sciences

Spelling Bee

Study Skills

Study Skills and Organization

Technology and Computer Science


What is your teaching philosophy?

Knowing that each student is different and tailors to different tendencies is key to success. I like to take things on a case by case basis with students.