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If you're looking to get your Certificate of Proficiency in the state of California so you can go on to college, pursue financial aid, or qualify for certain types of employment, you may be interested in talking to the Educational Directors at Varsity Tutors about CHSPE test prep. We can place you into an individualized CHSPE preparation experience with an expert private instructor who knows how to customize a study plan based on your unique needs. Contact us today or keep on reading to learn more about how CHSPE tutoring could be the best option for you.

CHSPE prep is all about helping you perform at your best on test day. Whether you need CHSPE classes that focus on vocabulary skills, interpreting written passages, mathematical problem solving, or some other academic discipline the test assesses, your tutor can accommodate those needs. If you're not exactly sure where you should be focusing your efforts, your CHSPE test prep instructor can perform an assessment of your overall academic skills to identify where you have the best opportunities to maximize your score on test day. CHSPE prep is all about helping you in the most effective ways possible.

There's a lot of information on the CHSPE because it comprehensively covers the things you should know to be a high school graduate. Here's just a few of the topics you can cover during CHSPE test preparation:

CHSPE Topics (Non-Comprehensive)

  • Punctuation
  • Content and Organizations
  • Critical Analysis
  • Strategies
  • Data, Statistics, and Probability
  • Geometry and Measurement

CHSPE test prep isn't just about the details of the academic concepts you'll see on the test. Another important aspect of performing well on exams is building solid test-taking skills. CHSPE tutors can help you with time management, test anxiety relief, and test-taking strategies for formats like multiple-choice questions. These skills can build your confidence and help you get more out of your potential.

During your CHSPE course, you can study in the ways that are most effective for you. Tutors can adapt their approach to match your learning style, and they can adapt on the fly while working at your pace to keep you going after your biggest opportunities to improve your performance. One popular study tool you could work through in a CHSPE class is practice problems. Here's an example of a practice problem you could work through during a CHSPE prep session:

CHSPE Mathematics Sample Question

  • Cyndi borrowed $390 from her parents when she went on the school ski trip. If she pays them 65% of her $40 babysitting fees each month, how many months will it take her to pay back the entire $390?
    • A. 10
    • B. 15
    • C. 26
    • D. 38

In addition to teaching to you using the style that best matches your learning style, CHSPE test prep tutors can accommodate you in other ways. For example, we'll work to set up CHSPE prep sessions at a time that is convenient for you. You'll also be able to attend CHSPE courses online using our Live Learning Platform, an innovate application that lets you meet face to face virtually with your tutor. You can communicate via video chat and share the virtual whiteboard to work through practice problems, understand mathematical equations, organize your thoughts on a reading comprehension exercise, or accomplish other tasks just as easily as you could if you were meeting in person.

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