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Varsity Tutors can connect you with an expert West Virginia bar exam coach who can help you review for the test. When you let us do the hard work of finding qualified West Virginia bar exam tutors, you don't have to waste time searching for a mentor on your own. You can focus your energy and time on your Bar exam prep.

The West Virginia bar exam tutoring we can find for you lets you study with your private instructor either online or in person. No matter which type of lesson you choose, you can be confident that you'll work only with knowledgeable instructors. That's because we vet each instructor before pairing them with a student. You can ask all your questions about the content and format of the test to your mentor and get immediate and relevant answers.

What is on the West Virginia bar exam?

West Virginia joins many other states that have adopted the UBE, or Uniform Bar Exam, created by the NCBE, or National Conference of Bar Examiners. This means that your UBE score is portable—you can transfer it to any other jurisdiction that has also adopted the UBE. Each state sets its own passing score, though, so it's always best to check if your score meets the required passing mark.

The UBE consists of three exams and is taken over a two-day test schedule. The first two exams —the Multistate Essay Examination (MEE) and the Multistate Performance Test (MPT)—are administered on Day 1, while the third exam —the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE) is administered on Day 2.

The MEE makes up 30% of your score. It's an essay test where you'll face six questions on a wide range of topics such as civil procedure, constitutional law, and family law. You're given 3 hours to complete this exam. The MPT makes up 20% of your score and contains two 90-minute questions that will test you on your skills in basic lawyerly tasks like writing a contract provision, preparing a witness examination plan, or creating a settlement proposal. The MBE is 50% of your exam result. It's a 6-hour long, multiple-choice exam with 200 question items. There will be 175 scored questions on the MBE and 25 will be pretest questions.

You'll need a Juris Doctor degree or an equivalent degree from an ABA-approved law school in order to meet one of the eligibility requirements for the West Virginia Bar exam. The exam will cost $500 for first-time takers, so it's important to prepare thoroughly and give your best when studying for the test. If you are not quite sure where to start studying or if you feel overwhelmed with the many details and information you have to know for the exam, why not enlist the help of West Virginia bar exam tutors so you can have an expert guide you in your test prep?

How can West Virginia bar exam tutors help me study for my test?

When you let us find you West Virginia bar exam tutoring, you can gain access to a private instructor who is solely focused on helping you reach for your exam goals. Unlike in a group review course where you might need to compete with other students for the attention of your teacher, your private lessons are done in a one-on-one setting. This can be a more efficient way to study since you can ask your questions immediately and your mentor doesn't need to rush their explanations as well.

Studying for a challenging test like the Bar exam can demand a lot of cognitive work, so one-on-one sessions can make it easier for you to focus on your lesson. You can avoid the common distractions students face in a regular classroom and can even ask your mentor to repeat their explanations without worrying about taking time away from other students.

Another advantage of the West Virginia bar exam training we can set you up with is that you can study using a customized study plan. You can skip topics you already know and dedicate more lesson time on concepts that you're struggling to understand. For example, if you're not yet confident with your skills in writing a persuasive memorandum or brief, you and your mentor can work on exercises together that address your core difficulties on this task. If you have good knowledge of torts, real property laws, or laws that govern business contracts, then you can just skim through these topics or skip them totally.

When you study with an experienced tutor, you can also learn useful test-taking strategies that can help you on exam day. For example, your mentor can train you on how to spot keywords in a multiple-choice question on the MBE so that you can figure out the correct (or incorrect) answer. This technique can come in handy when you encounter a question that seems to have more than one possible answer. It can also help you become more efficient when taking the test since you can quickly eliminate obviously incorrect choices on the question.

How can I fit sessions with a West Virginia bar exam coach into my busy schedule?

We can sign you up for West Virginia bar exam tutoring that can be delivered online or in person. However, if you have a jam-packed schedule, the online option can offer more convenience. For one thing, you don't need to set aside extra time for a commute or drive to a review center. With just an internet connection and a compatible laptop or mobile device, you can work on practice questions for the MEE, MPT, and MBE in the comfort of your home and with the guidance of expert mentors.

When you opt for online West Virginia bar exam training, you'll have the advantage of using our proprietary Live Learning Platform. It's a virtual classroom where you'll meet your mentor via video chat. You can see, hear, and interact with them in live lessons as if you were in a regular classroom.

To make your online sessions highly interactive, our Live Learning Platform has a shared document editor and a digital whiteboard. If you want to share review materials with your mentor, you can upload them using the document editor. The document editor also makes it possible to receive instant feedback from your mentor when you're answering practice questions. If your instructor needs to write any information that could help you in your review, they can do so using the whiteboard. Most importantly, our platform records all your online sessions, so you can easily go back to a topic, strategy, or advice you received from your mentor if you need to review it.

How can I find a West Virginia bar exam coach today?

If you would like to receive the benefits of studying with an experienced private instructor, don't hesitate to contact Varsity Tutors by phone or online. We can connect you with dedicated and knowledgeable West Virginia bar exam tutors in as little as 24 hours after receiving your request. Call us today! Educational consultants are standing by to answer your questions about Bar exam tutoring sessions and assist you if you want to sign up for lessons.

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