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If you're looking for professional Kansas Bar prep, Varsity Tutors can set you up with two great services to help you out. If you're looking for a collaborative learning environment, taking an online course could be the right option for you. If you would rather receive one-on-one instruction, we can refer you to a private instructor who suits your academic and scheduling needs. Both options are great ways to prepare for your Bar exam, so reach out to us today to get the process started.

Kansas is a UBE jurisdiction, meaning that the state uses the UBE (or Uniform Bar Examination) written by the NCBE (National Council of Bar Examiners) in lieu of writing their own test. The UBE is actually a combination of three different tests: the MBE (Multistate Bar Examination), MEE (Multistate Essay Examination), and MPT (Multistate Performance Test). Applicants to the Kansas Bar must also pass the separate test called the MPRE (Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam) before they can practice law within the state's boundaries. If preparing for four standardized exams at once feels too daunting, expert Kansas Bar preparation can be the edge you need to pursue your ambitions.

How Do I Know Which Kansas Bar Prep Option Is Right for Me?

The online courses we provide consist of a group of students meeting with a knowledgeable instructor who has been thoroughly vetted by Varsity Tutors to discuss legal concepts, study skills, and test-taking tips you can use on exam day. Unlike many competing products, each of our courses consists of live instruction. If you and your classmates already understand Property Law, your instructor can pivot to something else to keep your study sessions as engaging as possible. Similarly, a classroom discussion about complicated cases can help you develop a fuller appreciation for the nuance associated with the legal profession. In contrast, prerecorded video clips and lectures tend to provide a more one-sided view with minimal ability to adapt to the needs of its audience.

Alternatively, we can match you with a private instructor who can allow you to study at your own pace. If you already understand something like Criminal Law and Procedure, your private educator can gloss over that topic in favor of something you need more help with. If you're having a tough time with something, your academic mentor can keep providing new examples and explanations until you signal that you're ready to move on. Many students also find it easier to ask for help in a one-on-one learning environment, especially once they've had a chance to develop a solid personal rapport with their teacher.

Both are great Kansas Bar prep options, so you won't go wrong either way. In fact, some students combine an online course with a private instructor so that they feel as confident as possible heading into their exam.

What Concepts Should I Review During My Kansas Bar Preparation?

The UBE follows a set rubric that includes concepts such as Limited Liability Companies, Constitutional Law, Torts, Real Property, and Evidence. Your instructor can concentrate on the same topics to help you feel as prepared for your exam as possible. Your instructor can break all of the topics on the UBE rubric into several smaller components to make it a little bit less daunting. Since Kansas doesn't have any state-specific part of the Bar exam, you can also focus on general law to streamline your test prep.

The MPRE covers the professional standards lawyers are expected to uphold, including client confidentiality, conflicts of interest, and the intricacies of the client-lawyer relationship. Most test-takers find these concepts fairly straightforward, but your instructor can still review them with you if you like.

Your instructor can use a variety of teaching methods to help you understand the topics above. For example, you can study handy memorization tricks if you're having a hard time remembering specific codes or legal precedents.

Your instructor can also try to work with your preferred study style to enhance your Kansas Bar preparation efficiency. If you need to visualize information in order to understand it, your instructor can show you charts and other graphical representations of information to illustrate key concepts. If you've always been more of an auditory learner, repetition during classroom discussions can make it easier to understand the material. Any questions you have can also be answered in a timely manner, allowing you to seek assistance before a simple misunderstanding spirals out of control.

Can My Kansas Bar Prep Instructor Teach Me Test-Taking Strategies?

Since you effectively need to take four different tests to earn legal licensure in Kansas, it's best to devise a targeted strategy for each of them. For instance, the MEE consists of six essay questions administered in a single three-hour testing session. It can be tough to produce six coherent, concise arguments in that amount of time, so your instructor can show you how to sketch an outline before you start writing. Working from an outline helps ensure that all of your arguments are presented in a logical manner, making it easier for graders to appreciate your work. Likewise, you can use it as a convenient point of reference if you forget what you wanted to say next.

The MBE is a six-hour, 200-question multiple-choice examination. It can be tough to maintain your focus for six hours, especially since you only get one break between the morning and afternoon sessions. Your instructor can give you tips on how to remain focused throughout, making it easier to get to the end of the exam. Unlike many other standardized exams, you cannot go back to previous answers on the MBE. Therefore, your instructor can also help you find the right balance between doing your best on each question and making it to the end of the exam.

Since the MBE is multiple-choice, it's possible to leverage the test against itself if you're ever unsure of an answer. Each item has four possible responses, giving you a 25 percent chance of guessing correctly by default. Your instructor can show you how to eliminate some of those answer choices, improving the efficacy of your final guess. The MPRE also follows a multiple-choice format, though it is much shorter (60 questions, two hours). The same test-taking tips you studied for the MBE may be applied to the MPRE as well.

The MPT is a practical exam designed to evaluate whether a candidate can perform the types of tasks expected of entry-level lawyers. For instance, you could be asked to create a closing argument, communicate with a client, or compose a memo to a colleague. All of the information you need is provided to you in the form of a "File" and a "Library," so you don't need to worry about memorizing anything. The NCBE gives you more information than you actually need, however, so your instructor can teach you how to skim text quickly in order to determine its relevance.

Similarly, your instructor can go over active reading techniques with you to help you retain more of what you read. You only have three hours to accomplish two tasks, so you can't be double-checking your source materials every five seconds.

One effective way to learn how to manage the time available to you is to take practice assessments under realistic test-taking conditions, giving you firsthand knowledge of what the test feels like. Similarly, practicing with an exam's unique structure may help alleviate any test anxiety you may be experiencing. Perhaps most importantly, you can review your answers with your instructor to identify where you are progressing and any areas of opportunity for further improvement.Your instructor can also share test-taking tips that many students don't even realize they need until it's too late.

Is It Hard to Fit Kansas Bar Prep into A Busy Lifestyle?

If you choose to study with a tutor, our proprietary Live Learning Platform allows you to study anyplace with a stable internet connection, allowing you to work in your living room or a quiet place like a library. Helpful features such as video chat and a virtual whiteboard ensure that your digital meetings are just as good as meeting in-person, so why commute when you do not have to?

We also provide two- and four-week courses concurrently to make it easier to find something that meets your scheduling needs. If you ever feel like you need extra help, you can arrange a one-on-one time with your course teacher whenever you feel the need. If you choose to work with for a private instructor, we make every effort to find you somebody who is available when you are.

How Do I Sign Up for Kansas Bar Prep Near Me?

If you're ready to get started or simply want more information on how Varsity Tutors can help you, speak with a friendly Educational Consultant today either online or over the phone. They can walk you through the benefits of each Kansas Bar preparation option to help you make an informed decision about your test prep. We look forward to hearing from you!

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