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Varsity Tutors can get you set up with professional Virginia Bar prep to help you study for your Bar exam. If you're interested in working within a collaborative learning environment, we can enroll you in a comprehensive class led by an expert instructor. If you'd rather receive individualized attention, we can connect you with a private instructor instead. Either way, you'll get the expert assistance you need to feel confident heading into your exam.

The Virginia Bar Exam consists of two components: the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE) written by the National Council of Bar Examiners (NCBE) and the Virginia Essay Exam written by the Virginia Board of Bar Examiners (VBBE). Candidates must also pass the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE) and a background check before practicing law in Virginia. If preparing for all of these tests at once has you feeling overwhelmed, continue reading to learn how easy Virginia Bar preparation can be.

Which Virginia Bar Prep Option Is Right for Me?

Every online course we provide involves a group of students meeting with their knowledgeable instructor at set times. All instruction is live, allowing you to participate in dynamic discussions with your classmates to develop an appreciation for multiple legal perspectives. Your instructor is also free to incorporate the group's needs into their curriculum. For instance, there is no reason to review torts if you and your classmates already feel comfortable with the topic. In contrast, many of our competitors offer "courses" that are actually nothing more than prerecorded lectures. A recording cannot adapt its curriculum to the group's needs, nor can it fully discuss multiple perspectives on complex legal issues.

If you'd rather study at your own pace, we can refer you to a private instructor instead. A private tutor can forge a personal connection with you, potentially making it easier to ask for assistance whenever you need it. Your work can receive prompt feedback, allowing you to make any necessary corrections while the material remains fresh in your mind. Your academic mentor can introduce new concepts when you're ready for them, whether that means glossing over something you already understand or digging deeper into an especially challenging topic.

Both Virginia Bar preparation options are great, so you can't go wrong deciding between them. In fact, some students combine them for an even more comprehensive test prep solution.

What Concepts Can I Cover During My Virginia Bar Preparation?

The MBE covers topics such as evidence, real property, constitutional law, family law, and trusts, so your instructor can focus on these concepts as well to help you feel prepared on test day. The syllabus for the exam can feel intimidating, so your instructor can break it down into smaller pieces to make it easier to tackle. Likewise, any questions you have can be addressed before a simple misunderstanding has an opportunity to spiral out of control.

The Virginia Essay Examination emphasizes state-level statutes regarding professional responsibility, taxation, the uniform commercial code, and Virginia's judiciary procedures (civil and criminal). The general law tested by the MBE and Virginia law have more similarities than differences, but your instructor can point out areas of disagreement so that you apply the right principles on each portion of the Bar exam.

The MPRE tests your knowledge of the laws governing a lawyer's professional conduct, including areas such as conflicts of interest, the lawyer-client relationship, and client confidentiality. Most candidates find that these subjects are easier than either the MBE or Virginia Essay Examination, but your instructor can still review them with you if you feel the need.

Your instructor has a variety of teaching techniques at their disposal to help you learn the concepts above. For example, you can learn mnemonic devices to take some of the pain out of all of the rote memorization associated with the Bar exam. Your instructor can also try to make the material as engaging as possible, as you are more likely to retain the information you find interesting.

Your instructor can also try to work with your preferred learning style to improve the efficiency of your Virginia Bar prep. For example, an auditory learner might get a lot out of discussion-based lessons, while a more visual student might need something to look at in order to process the information.

Practicing law is more than academic concepts, so your instructor can help you work on your broader study skills as well. For instance, lawyers need to be able to digest written information quickly to incorporate it into their arguments. If you could remember more of what you read, your instructor can show you active reading strategies such as note-taking to help your brain interact with the material.

Can My Virginia Bar Prep Instructor Review Test-Taking Strategies in Addition to Legal Concepts?

There are three exams you need to take in order to practice law in the state of Virginia, so it makes sense to have a different approach for each of them. The Virginia Bar Exam is a two-day affair with the Virginia Essay Examination on day one. You have three hours to write five essays in the morning, and then a separate three hours to write four essays and answer some short-answer or multiple-choice items in the afternoon. That averages out to roughly 36 minutes per task, so time is at a premium. If you aren't already in the habit of doing so, your instructor can teach you how to outline your work so that you have something to refer back to if you forget what you wanted to say next.

Working from an outline can also help you realize when you're done. It is frequently possible to completely answer these essay questions in a few paragraphs or less, yet many test-takers think they need to write a book because it's an "essay exam." Brevity is better for lawyers, as you'll lose your audience if you include too much irrelevant information. Your instructor can help you identify what you can cut in order to make your work as clear and concise as possible.

The second day is the MBE, during which you have three hours to answer 100 multiple-choice questions during both the morning and afternoon sessions. That's 200 items in six hours total, making it challenging to maintain your concentration for the duration of the exam. Your instructor can show you mindfulness techniques to help you keep your mind focused on legal principles instead of letting it wander.

Likewise, you can review strategies to help you leverage the exam against itself if you don't know an answer. For example, each item has four possible choices. A blind guess has a 25 percent chance of being right, but your instructor can help improve those odds by showing you how to rule out some of the incorrect responses. You're also prohibited from returning to previously answered items, so your instructor can help you strike the right balance between doing your best on each item and reaching the end of the examination.

Your instructor can also administer practice tests to give you an idea of what to expect on exam day. For instance, understanding how the exam is structured can mitigate any test anxiety you may be experiencing. Experiencing the time available firsthand can also make it easier to manage during the actual exam. Most importantly, you can review your answers with your instructor to get a better understanding of where you're progressing and what could use a little bit more work.

Your instructor can also share broader test-taking tips that you may not know you need until it's too late. The Virginia Bar Exam is administered in a secure test-taking environment. If you haven't worked in such a setting before, your instructor can help you prepare for the unique challenges it presents.

Are You Sure Virginia Bar Preparation Fits into My Busy Schedule?

Varsity Tutors offers a proprietary Live Learning Platform that allows you to meet with your one-on-one tutor online, so you don't have to commute anywhere if you don't want to. Our exclusive platform is also mobile-friendly, allowing you to select your preferred learning environment. Powerful features such as video chat capability and a virtual whiteboard ensure that your digital study sessions are just as effective as meeting in-person, so you're not compromising quality for convenience either. If you choose classes, you'll still be able to use a virtual classroom environment to attend classes online.

We also provide two- and four-week courses concurrently, making it easier to find one that you can commit to attending. You can also arrange private study time with your instructor outside of your course if you feel like you need extra help with something. If you're looking for constant private attention, we do our best to match you with a private instructor who can accommodate your scheduling needs. Who knew that Bar exam prep could be so easy?

How Do I Get Started with Virginia Bar Prep Near Me?

Finding the right instructor on your own could prove very challenging, but Varsity Tutors makes it easy. Just utilize the contact info below to speak with a friendly educational consultant who can answer any questions you might have about our convenient Virginia Bar prep enrollment process. We look forward to working with you!

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