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If you are looking to improve your study skills as you prepare to take the Chartered Financial Analyst exams, a Virginia Beach CFA class provided by Varsity Tutors could help you reach for your goals. This class is designed to build on your existing knowledge of exam topics and provide test-taking strategies that could help boost your confidence as you head into your test days. You may have started an amazing journey toward becoming a CFA at schools like Regent University in Virginia Beach, the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, or other schools in the state. This class can help further your goal of pursuing success on the exams.

What topics can I study in a Virginia Beach CFA course?

The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exams are offered by the CFA Institute to individuals interested in securing the CFA credential, which more than 150,000 professionals hold across the globe. The exams, which are presented as Level I, Level II, and Level III, are designed to help candidates showcase their skills in portfolio management and highlight an advanced ability to analyze investments. To earn the credential, students must take and pass each exam level in sequence before moving on to the next. Before registering for the first exam level, candidates must complete a bachelor's degree or be enrolled in their last year of college and have four years of full-time professional experience working in investing or a combination of at least four years of college and professional experience.

Your instructor in the Virginia Beach CFA prep course can help strengthen your foundational knowledge of the 10 topic areas that are consistently a part of each exam cycle, which include ethical and professional standards, equity investments, derivatives, and corporate finance. In the CFA course, you can also learn strategies for addressing different types of questions on each exam level. When taking the Level I exam, you can expect to see 240 multiple-choice questions that are divided into the following question formats: sentence completion with three unique choices and questions with three unique choices. The Level II exam features 120 multiple-choice questions presented as 18 vignettes, or case statements, with six questions each and three vignettes with four questions each. Questions on the Level III exam are typically presented as 8-12 constructed response (essay) questions, each featuring subparts, as well as eight vignettes with six questions each, and three vignettes with four questions each.

How can I benefit from a Virginia Beach CFA class?

The CFA course instructor can teach quality test-taking skills designed to improve your confidence as your test day approaches. With all exam levels divided into morning and afternoon sessions, you can learn in the Virginia Beach CFA course how to effectively manage the time allotted in each session at each level. Understanding that the exam's question format, content, and learning focus gets more complex with each level, your instructor can give you ideas of what to expect and offer tips for staying composed and self-assured as the tests become more challenging.

The Virginia Beach CFA class is presented via our Live Learning Platform, which allows you to engage with your instructor and classmates in real time without the necessity of traveling to a physical classroom. You can take part in interactive discussions with your peers that can help you develop an enhanced understanding of topic areas like quantitative methods and economics. Since the class is presented online, you can enjoy the freedom of logging into the chats anywhere with an internet connection that is free of distractions.

You can also benefit from working directly with your classmates if your instructor divides the class into small groups. If you have questions about concepts like financial reporting and analysis, fixed income, or alternative investments, you can work with your group to get the answers you need. Likewise, you can help your classmates with their questions or simply give encouragement as a fellow aspiring CFA. This class also offers the option to set up a personal meeting with your instructor, during which time you can receive valuable, undivided attention.

What do I need to do to enroll in a Virginia Beach CFA course?

If you decide you would like to sign up for a CFA course, feel free to connect with an educational consultant at Varsity Tutors. New sections are available each month, and you have the option to choose between two-week and four-week sessions. The course is offered during weekdays, evenings, and on the weekends, allowing you to choose the schedule that works best for you. By taking the Virginia Beach CFA course at Varsity Tutors, you have a great opportunity to strengthen your exam preparations and reach for success on your test days.

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