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If you've been searching for a great Los Angeles CFA prep course, Varsity Tutors is the only name you need to know. "CFA" is an acronym for Chartered Financial Analyst, a credential awarded to individuals who have at least earned a bachelor's degree, accumulated four years of professional financial experience, and passed a series of three high-stakes exams. These tests must be taken in the intended sequence, and are numbered Level I, Level II, and Level III accordingly. Continue reading to learn more about the role we can play in your test prep.

What topics can I cover in a Los Angeles CFA course?

All three levels of the CFA Exam cover the same basic topics, with the higher levels going into more detail on each. As such, the specific CFA Exam Level you're preparing for determines how deeply you need to delve into each topic. The Level I Exam consists of 240 multiple-choice items administered over six hours (split into morning and afternoon testing sessions). Each item has three possible choices, so your instructor may show you how to eliminate incorrect responses if you're ever unsure.

The Level II Exam uses a similar format, except that all questions are based on provided vignettes instead of being standalone items. If you're familiar with the Reading sections of standardized exams like the SAT or ACT, Level II is comparable. Your instructor can teach you active reading strategies such as taking notes as you go along to help you retain more of what you read. You may also be coached to read the items before their corresponding vignette so that you know exactly what you are looking for. This section is also split into two sessions.

The Level III Exam features constructed response items in the first section and vignette-based multiple-choice questions in the second session. Some students get nervous on constructed response questions because they require composition skills. If that describes you, your instructor can show you how to outline your thoughts to make each question seem a little bit more approachable.

What are the benefits of taking a Los Angeles CFA course?

Each of our Los Angeles CFA class offerings consists of a knowledgeable instructor meeting with a group of students on our proprietary Live Learning Platform. We thoroughly vet every instructor, so you can trust that you'll be studying with a great communicator who can answer any questions you have about the CFA Exam in a timely fashion.

Our Live Learning Platform also harnesses powerful features such as a virtual whiteboard and video chat to provide the benefits of an in-person class without the hassle of commuting someplace. It's also mobile-friendly, allowing you to attend a class during your downtime at a local college such as the University of California, Los Angeles just as easily as you could at home. Nobody enjoys sitting in traffic trying to get to a class, so we made it so that you no longer have to.

You can also interact with your classmates on our platform, creating a collaborative learning environment where many students find it easier to pursue their academic goals. For instance, you can explain equity investments to a peer who may be struggling with them, gaining the satisfaction of helping somebody else while simultaneously improving your own understanding of the topic. Similarly, one of your peers may know a great mnemonic device for remembering the professional standards that CFAs are held to. You might even complete group assignments to discover new ways of approaching particular problem types.

Studying in a group setting also gives you great value for your money. If you ever feel as though you may need personalized attention in order to overcome a particular learning obstacle, you may also arrange a time with your instructor on an as-needed basis to get the extra help you need.

Most importantly, we make attending a class as accessible as we can. We offer multiple class sessions concurrently, including two-week and four-week options to help even the busiest students find one that fits their schedule. We also start new classes on a monthly basis, ensuring that you can get started shortly after deciding that you're ready to invest in expert test prep.

Can I sign up for a Los Angeles CFA course today?

Absolutely. Simply use the contact info on this page to speak with an educational consultant who would be happy to walk you through the enrollment process. Varsity Tutors would also be happy to answer any further questions you may have, so reach out to us today!

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