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If you are looking for assistance with Tulsa, Oklahoma SSAT preparation, Varsity Tutors can be a tremendous resource with numerous benefits. The SSAT is a standardized test taken by students who are wanting to enroll in a private or independent school. Any student from third to eleventh grade who is looking to transfer to an independent school can take this test. The SSAT is separated into three levels that accurately reflect the level of academics for test takers. Varsity Tutors can connect you or your student with a variety of prep options, including Tulsa SSAT prep courses and Tulsa SSAT tutors.

What information is covered in a Tulsa SSAT class?

Tulsa SSAT prep can assist in adequately preparing students for the exam. The SSAT is used by admissions offices to assess the abilities of students; it measures the basic verbal, math, and reading skills students need for successful performance in private schools. The three levels of the exam are Elementary, Middle, and Upper. In all three levels students will be tested in Reading, Verbal, and Quantitative sections, as well as answer questions in two unscored sections containing a Writing Sample and Experimental Questions. It is important to note that although the Writing Sample is unscored, it will be sent to the schools that the student is applying to. All students should be prepared to complete the math section without the use of a calculator.

The Elementary Level SSAT contains 89 questions and your student will have one hour and 50 minutes to complete the test. The exam is broken down into 30 Math questions to complete in 30 minutes, 30 Verbal questions to answer in 20 minutes, 28 Reading questions to answer in 30 minutes, 15 to 17 Experimental questions to answer in 15 minutes, and one writing prompt to answer in 15 minutes. Students taking this test should feel free to answer all questions, even if it is a guess, since there is no penalty for incorrect answers.

Participating in a Tulsa SSAT prep class can help get your elementary student ready to demonstrate their skills in each topic. In the Verbal portion each student will need to have an understanding of age-appropriate language and word skills. Your student should be able to use and interpret synonyms, analogies, and have a clear comprehension of word meaning. The math section will analyze your student's abilities in measurement, probability, geometry, and algebraic functions. They should know basic addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, fractions, shapes, and graph interpretation. For the Reading portion, each student will need to locate the main idea in a passage and identify information by analyzing word context. Lastly, the Writing sample will require your elementary student to compose a simple story about a picture. Here, they need to show they can organize an essay while applying accurate grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

The format of the Middle and Upper Level SSAT exams gives each student two hours and 50 minutes to answer 167 questions. The test will contain a Reading, Writing, Verbal, Math, and Writing Sample section. One key difference here is that each student will lose one quarter of a point for each incorrect answer, and there is no penalty for unanswered questions in this exam, so guessing here is not beneficial. For both testing levels the number of questions given and time to complete them are the same. The Reading section is 90 questions given in 40 minutes; the Verbal section is 60 questions given in 30 minutes. An Experimental section has 16 questions and is given in 15 minutes. One Writing Sample question is given with 25 minutes to complete the answer, and a Quantitative/Math section is given in two 30-minute parts, made up of 25 questions each.

For testing in the Middle Level SSAT Reading section, students should have comprehension skills that show they can interpret meaning, make predictions, and find details in the author's narrative. Being able to show an understanding of words and phrases in context while assessing the passages main idea and argument will be critical here. In the Writing section, your student will need to choose from between two creative prompts. Your student will need to write an organized story that uses clear, concise, and accurate grammar, spelling, and punctuation. The Verbal section will focus on concepts like synonym usage, application of analogies, and parts of speech in context. The Math Section will be testing your student's skill in arithmetic, elementary algebra, variables, and coordinate geometry.

The Upper Level SSAT tests students in the same sections but with varying levels of focus and difficulty. In the Reading section, each student must read a passage and then interpret meaning from it by extracting information from the narrative. They need to be prepared to receive a passage from a piece of fiction, science, social studies, or the humanities. For the Writing sample, each student will choose between one creative prompt and one traditional prompt. They will need to organize an essay here using persuasive writing techniques and supporting examples. In the Verbal section students should be demonstrating a knowledge of Anglo-Saxon, Latin, and Greek prefixes and suffixes. They should also be able to identify the meaning of parts of speech from context. Lastly, in the Math section, they will want to apply any learned skills acquired in algebra, geometry, arithmetic, line questions, graphing, word problems, and fractions.

How can I begin Tulsa SSAT prep?

By following the links on Varsity Tutors website, you can sign your student up for a Tulsa SSAT prep course. Once they have enrolled in the service, they will be given the option to join an online class or link with a private online Tulsa SSAT tutor. Courses are offered in either two-week or four-week sessions and each one is assigned a qualified instructor to guide your student through the course materials. If your student prefers a more focused one-on-one learning environment, matching with a tutor is an excellent option. The tutor will then have the ability to get to know your student and their learning style so that clear goals and can be made when creating an ideal study plan. Enroll today!

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