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Finding the right Tulsa ISEE preparation solution doesn't have to be complicated or stressful with the help of the experts at Varsity Tutors. If your child will soon be taking the ISEE, they are probably applying to one of the area's magnet or independent schools.

ISEE scores are considered reliable indicators of the students grade level comprehension of core subject areas such as math, reading, and English language skills. Because of this reliability, many admissions officials require a child's scores as part of the application process. To learn more about the specific skills evaluated on all levels of the ISEE and how Varsity Tutors can help you create the right Tulsa ISEE prep strategy for your child, continue reading.

What can Tulsa ISEE prep cover?

Tulsa ISEE prep can help prepare your child to take any level of the exam. Whether you have a child that will be taking Primary 2, Primary 3, Primary 4 or the Lower Level ISEE or you have a student facing the Middle or Upper Level exam, it's essential to give them the academic support they need before test day.

The Lower, Middle, and Upper levels of the ISEE are very similar. The five sections for all of these are Quantitative Reasoning, Math Achievement, Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning, and an Essay. Regardless of the level, students have the same amount of time for each of these sections. However, the skills covered are based on grade level expectations and do differ between levels.

The Quantitative Reasoning and Math Achievement sections evaluate mathematical operations and mathematical thinking. Some of the skills your child may need to review for these include data analysis and probability, numbers and operations, measurement, algebra, geometry, the use of coordinate grids, working with variables and exponents, finding area and perimeter, working with integers, decimals, fractions, square roots, and using factors.

The Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning, and Essay sections of the ISEE measure your child's ability in a variety of English language skills, including vocabulary, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, parts of speech, suffixes, prefixes, root words, figurative and literal language, cause and effect, comparing and contrasting information, inferring meaning, supporting idea, main idea, and author's purpose.

It is important to note that the Essay section is not graded at any level of the ISEE. However, it is still critical that your child is adequately prepared for this portion of the test because their work will be sent to any school they apply to, and it may be considered by admission officials.

The Primary Level ISEE evaluates all of the core subject areas listed above. However, the Primary Level 2 has an added auditory comprehension section. During this portion of the exam students have a reading passage read aloud to them, and they must then answer questions based on the given information.

Working with a skilled instructor as part of a course or in private sessions can help your child work towards developing their skills in any area covered by the ISEE.

How can a Tulsa ISEE prep class help my child prepare?

There are many advantages to having your child take an ISEE prep class. When you enroll your child in one of these classes they will have the familiar structure and routine of a traditional classroom setting but in an online learning environment. Digital learning environments offer added convenience because there is no need to arrange transportation to and from class for your child. This can shave precious hours off the total time your child is spending as part of their test preparation efforts.

The methodology of an online prep class is similar to what you'd find in a traditional classroom. The teacher delivers the lesson to the entire group and may then encourage class discussions or assign projects to help students better understand the day's lesson. If your child has a question about their lesson, they will have an opportunity to ask an instructor for assistance.

You can customize your child's prep class learning experience in a few ways. First, you can choose between two and four-week sessions. Two-week sessions provide a tighter timeline that can help some children focus more effectively on their studies. The four-week option is ideal for students who need a more extensive review or who simply have more time available for the process. Classes are created of individual sections. This allows us to begin new sections each week, so you can have your child start whenever they are ready.

Another way in which you can customize the learning experience of your child is by choosing which sections to focus on and what class times to have them attend. There are a wide variety of options from which to choose, which makes it easy for most families to find something that will work for their child.

How is working with a Tulsa ISEE tutor different from taking a course?

Private tutoring is very different from taking a Tulsa ISEE prep course. One is not better than the other; it is only that they are designed to accomplish different objectives. The purpose of a course is to provide a comprehensive and structured review to a group of students. Private sessions are designed to narrowly target the goals of a single child. A private tutor has the time to get to know your child personally. They can discover your child's learning style, academic strengths and weaknesses, and learning needs. This information can then be utilized in the creation of the lesson plans that will be used in your child's private session. This type of individualized instruction is powerful and many children thrive in this type of setting.

Another difference in the way the two options are designed is how sessions are scheduled. Courses must be prescheduled so all parents and students can plan their schedules around the class availability. You can schedule private sessions to occur throughout the week and on weekends during the day or evening hours.

How can I get my child started with Tulsa ISEE prep?

Varsity Tutors can help you quickly get started with the right Tulsa I SEE prep solution for your child's needs. Whether you want to enroll your child in a prep class or are you'd like to be connected with a skilled professional ISEE tutor, we can help. Contact Varsity Tutors today to get started immediately.

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