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Those looking for Austin ISEE prep help for their students can reach out to Varsity Tutors for assistance. Regardless of what grade your student is entering or what topics on the ISEE they need to prepare for, we can help. We can either enroll them in a virtual ISEE prep class or get them started with an accomplished ISEE tutor.

ISEE stands for Independent School Entrance Examination. Students often take this test before applying to independent and private schools. It is widely accepted by private schools all across the country. The scores your student gets on their ISEE can make a difference in whether they get accepted into the school they are applying to or not.

What will my student face on the ISEE?

There are different versions of the ISEE. What your student will encounter on their test will depend on what grade they are entering. Let's go through the different versions of the ISEE quickly.

Students entering the second grade will take Level 2 of the Primary Level ISEE. They will have a Verbal section, a Math section, a Writing section, and an Auditory Comprehension section. Students going into the third grade will take Level 3 of the Primary Level ISEE. They will have a Verbal section, a Math section, and a Writing Sample section. Students entering the fourth grade will take Level 4 of the Primary Level ISEE. They will have the same three sections as students taking Level 3 of the Primary Level ISEE.

Students entering the fifth and sixth grades will take the Lower Level ISEE. Students entering the seventh and eighth grades will take the Middle Level ISEE. Students entering the ninth, 10th, 11th, and 12th grades will take the Upper Level ISEE. All of these three levels have the same sections, the same number of questions, and the same time limits.

The Verbal Reasoning section will come first. Students will be tested on their English skills. There will be questions about synonyms and sentence completions. Students will have 20 minutes to complete 40 questions.

The Quantitative Reasoning section will come next. It will have questions that will require critical math thinking. As opposed to the Math Achievement section, this section will place a larger focus on thinking skills as opposed to completing math operations. Students will have thirty-five minutes to complete 37 questions.

The Reading Comprehension section will come next. It will cover topics such as vocabulary and finding the main and supporting ideas in a text. Students will have thirty-five minutes to answer the 36 questions in this section.

The Math Achievement section will come next. Students will be presented with questions containing mathematical operation problems. This section will focus on students knowledge of mathematical rules. Students will have 40 minutes to complete the 47 questions in this section.

The Essay will come next. Students will be presented with a prompt on a topic of interest to students at their grade level. This will give students the opportunity to tell the school they are applying to more about themselves and their interests. Students will also be tested on concepts such as organizing ideas and their grasp of written English.

What kind of Austin ISEE prep is best for my student?

You can enroll your student in an Austin ISEE prep course that covers the topics on the exam in detail. A virtual course is a great way for students to benefit from studying in a group that is under the supervision of a trained instructor. The instructor can create study plans that cover the ISEE sections and strategies to help students perform at their best. Since these courses take place over the internet, you and your student will take advantage of maximal convenience as well.

The instructor of an Austin ISEE prep class can give the class helpful test-taking advice. Every section on the ISEE has a time limit to it. Students can benefit from learning how to pace themselves on a test. The instructor can administer practice tests so that students can get used to answering questions under time limits. In addition, this can help them feel more confident when the day of the actual test approaches.

Another way to prepare your student for the ISEE is by signing them up for private sessions with an experienced Austin ISEE tutor. A private educational mentor can give your student all of the attention and resources that they need when preparing for the ISEE. Unlike the instructor of a class, who has to follow the curriculum of the class, a private instructor can work with your student at their own pace. Regardless of how much preparation help your student needs, a private mentor can work with them until your student feels more confident and ready to face the ISEE.

A private instructor can come to you, making studying with them just as convenient as taking a class over the internet. They can be even more flexible than a class, as you can schedule study sessions for your student based on your student's daily and weekly schedule. In addition, a tutor can help your student by recommending resources for them to use during their private study sessions. This way, they can use their free time to prepare for the ISEE as well.

If you are unsure of which one would be best for your student or if you feel as if your student can benefit from both ISEE prep options, we can assist you with this as well. You can enroll your student in either a two-week or a four-week course and get them private instruction at the same time.

How can I get my student started with Austin ISEE prep?

Contacting Varsity Tutors is the best way to get your student started with their Austin ISEE preparation. We can connect you with a private mentor or enroll your student in the next available class. There is a new class starting every week, so there's no need to delay. Reach out now to get started.

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