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Whether you are fulfilling a language requirement at Syracuse University or you're a student at Henninger High School who is interested in studying Latin, Varsity Tutors offers a Syracuse Latin course that can improve your learning experience. Learning a new language is never easy, and that applies to Latin, too. Not only do you have to learn about all the rules and idiosyncrasies that make up the language, but you have to contend with the fact that you will have very few opportunities to practice speaking Latin. Latin is considered a dead language, which means it isn't spoken by communities anywhere in the world. And yet, it is also one of the most influential languages in human history. Learning how to speak Latin can be endlessly useful for anyone who wants to learn Romance languages or who plans to study law or scientific research. A good Syracuse Latin course can provide you with plenty of opportunities to practice speaking Latin while teaching you about vocabulary and grammar.

Latin dates at least as far back as the 6th Century B.C., although it is most likely older than that. It was first encountered as the language of Latium, the region of Italy where Rome is now located. It is the precursor to the Romance languages Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, and Romanian. Even English has been heavily influenced by Latin, which is something that you may notice as you learn the vocabulary. Even though Latin hasn't been widely spoken in hundreds of years, it survives to this day as the official language of Vatican City and the Roman Catholic Church, and its roots serve as a source for the derivation of new scientific terms. In short, Latin is very much alive for a dead language.

If you're struggling in a Latin course at Corcoran High School or you simply want to learn more about a language that has been a vital part of human history, Varsity Tutors can enroll you in a Syracuse Latin class that suits your needs. Our classes are taught by highly qualified and vetted instructors, and you will be welcome no matter what your skill level may be.

What Material Does a Syracuse Latin Course Cover?

All languages have their own nuances and idiosyncrasies, and Latin is no different. These nuances might be difficult for some students to grasp, but others will find many of them surprisingly familiar. Latin is the precursor to the Romance languages that are currently spoken all around the world, and some of the vocabulary and grammar you will encounter in your Latin course will be very similar to anyone who has taken a Spanish or French course in high school or college. For example, Latin is a gendered language, which means its nouns will be either masculine or feminine, and any adjectives that are used to describe them will follow suit. This is just like what you will find in the Romance languages, but Latin also has gender-neutral nouns that have their own rules. This concept might be difficult to grasp for those who have learned about the differences between masculine and feminine nouns in Spanish and other Romance languages. Naturally, you will also learn about basic vocabulary, sentence structure, pronunciation, conjugation, and everything else that is vital to learning a new language.

Another fascinating subject that will be covered in a Syracuse Latin course is the difference between classical Latin and vulgar Latin. Classical Latin is the more formal written form of the language. It is heavily influenced by Greek, and it is considered to be more elegant. Vulgar Latin is the more popular spoken form of the language. It varies quite a bit from classical Latin in its increased use of prepositions, its comparatively infrequent employment of inflection, and its vocabulary. It is vulgar Latin that eventually evolved into the Romance languages, so learning it will be useful for any budding language experts.

Of course, a Syracuse Latin class will give you plenty of opportunities to practice speaking Latin with others. You will be able to interact with your fellow students and converse with them in Latin. Many students find this to be relatively easy once they get started, especially since there is no pressure to speak with an "authentic" Latin accent.

How Can a Syracuse Latin Course Help Me Learn?

When you enroll in a Syracuse Latin course, you will be placed in a virtual classroom with other students and a highly qualified Latin instructor. You will be able to see, hear, and speak with all of these people and engage in conversation and learning activities. These kinds of collaborative lessons have shown to deepen students' understanding of the course material and make learning any new language that much easier. As you converse with your instructor and fellow students, you will be able to hear certain words and phrases in their proper context and even learn new words. You will also be able to help others who might be struggling with the material.

Since there may be times when you need a little extra help, you will also have the chance to arrange a private time with your Latin instructor. These courses are intended to provide you with every opportunity to learn the material, and you are invited to take full advantage of them.

The fact that the courses that we offer are entirely online also makes them endlessly convenient for those with a busy schedule. Syracuse Latin courses are offered in two-week or four-week sections, and new sections open up every month. You will almost certainly be able to find a section that works for you. You also won't have to worry about making the trip to a school to participate in a session. As long as you have a reliable Internet connection, you can be a part of the class no matter where you may be.

How Do I Sign Up?

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