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Varsity Tutors can match prospective business school students with a Syracuse GMAT tutor or a Syracuse GMAT prep course, which could simplify the process as you get ready for this test. The score you obtain on your Graduate Management Admission Test (or GMAT) can play a role in whether the admissions board at schools like Syracuse University's Whitman School of Management decides that you are a good fit for their programs or not. To obtain the Master of Business Administration that many students and working professionals embrace as a tool to improve their career prospects, admission to a graduate-level business school program is important.

The GMAT may be one of the biggest challenges that a student faces as they work through the business school application process. Whether you're a working professional who has decided to return to school or an undergraduate with plans to continue your education, reaching out for academic support before the big test can be helpful. A Syracuse GMAT prep class might be the right next step. You also have the option to work with a Syracuse GMAT tutor one-on-one. No matter what format you'd like to use before the test, or if you'd like to use some combination of the two, Varsity Tutors can connect you to the tutor or enroll you in the class that will best support your goals and meet your needs.

What can I expect from Syracuse GMAT prep?

The GMAT exam consists of 80 questions and you'll be given about 3.5 hours, not including optional breaks. During that time, you'll be expected to complete sections of multiple choice questions and short answer questions in the areas of Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Integrated Reasoning, and an Analytical Writing Assessment. There are three sequences of the sections that you can choose from. We're starting here with the Quantitative Reasoning section.

In the Quantitative Reasoning section, you'll find 31 questions that are meant to test your abilities in problem-solving and data sufficiency. You'll have 62 minutes to complete the section. As you take this exam, you'll be asked to analyze data and determine if you have sufficient information to make a decision and solve a problem. There are also questions that expect you to choose the response that fits best after you've worked through the information using logic to find a solution to the problem.

The Verbal Reasoning assessment has 36 questions that are meant to examine your level of understanding and skill in interpreting information from specific passages. You'll find questions on sentence correction, critical reasoning, and reading comprehension. There is a 65-minute time limit for this section.

The Integrated Reasoning section has four different types of questions that explore how well you can organize and compare information, your skill at evaluating information, your ability to integrate information from multiple sources, and how you synthesize given information. There are multiple question formats: two-part analysis, graphics interpretation, table analysis, and multiple source reasoning. You'll have half an hour to complete these 12 questions.

Finally, there's the Analytical Writing Assessment. This section evaluates your skill in written English communication and critical thinking. This portion of the exam provides an argument, and you'll be expected to discover the reasoning behind the argument and evaluate it. You'll have 30 minutes to complete this section.

What are the benefits of Syracuse GMAT preparation?

There are two ways to connect with a tutor: online through Varsity Tutors' Live Learning Platform, or in person. Whether you're interested in private tutoring or a Syracuse GMAT prep class, Varsity Tutors can help you find academic assistance in either format. There are benefits associated with either prep model, and we'll explore both here. After all, prospective MBA students may use one or the other, or they could combine both methods to get ready for the exam.

The one-on-one method of instruction allows students to get a personalized approach and a custom plan of study that doesn't usually work in a group session. There's quite a bit more focused attention when you work with a private academic coach because they only work with you in the session. Your time with a private instructor includes them getting to know you, starting in the first session. From there, they can create a personalized plan that they think will work with your personality and your likes and dislikes. That plan can be flexible, and your private academic coach is able to create plans that highlight your academic strengths and help you to build on your weaknesses. For example, if you find that Verbal Reasoning is a stressful and hard-to-grasp topic, you can be sure that your academic coach can create a plan that spends more time on the difficult sections and less on the sections you're comfortable with.

If you're more comfortable learning in a collaborative environment to learn with other students in a Syracuse GMAT prep course, you'll use our online classroom. In a GMAT prep class, you'll connect with your academic coach and the other students in real time, so the experience is more like you're actually in a classroom with others. This method of instruction exposes you to different perspectives and can help you to evaluate answers by focusing on the information that is included in the question. You can get study tips you might not think of on your own and it might help you to struggle less. These sessions start weekly, and students can choose from two weeks or four weeks of GMAT prep in this format.

How can I find GMAT preparation in Syracuse?

When you're looking for a Syracuse GMAT tutor, you don't have to go it alone or waste valuable time that you could instead use to study. Reaching out to Varsity Tutors can create a more efficient path toward your academic goals. Our educational consultants are eager to help you weigh the types of prep that are available to you to learn which might work best for you. Contact us today to find out more about connecting with a convenient resource for Arizona GMAT prep.

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