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Whether you are a working professional or an undergraduate student preparing to take the GMAT, Varsity Tutors can connect you with qualified preparation in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We can connect people from all walks of life with an Ann Arbor GMAT prep course or an Ann Arbor GMAT tutor. Some people take the Graduate Management Admission Test because the school they are applying to requires them to take it, or they take it to make a better impression on the members of the admissions board. Whether you are applying to the University of Michigan - Ross School of Business or another MBA program, taking the GMAT can be a very challenging part of your application process.

What are the Topics Covered by Ann Arbor GMAT Prep?

Ann Arbor GMAT prep covers each section of the GMAT. This standardized test is broken up into four sections: Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, an Analytical Writing Assessment, and Integrated Reasoning. You are given three options of the order of sections you would like to follow when you take the test. In order to give you a better insight into what to expect on exam day, let's go into detail about each section.

The Quantitative Reasoning section is made up of 31 multiple-choice questions, with which you will have 62 minutes to answer. You will answer two types of questions in this section. The first type is problem-solving. You will use logical and analytical reasoning skills in order to answer these questions. You will have 5 options for answers, and you will need to pick the best one. The second type of question is data sufficiency. For these questions, you will need to analyze a problem, recognize relevant data, and recognize when there is enough data to answer the question. With each question, you will be given two statements with relevant data to help you solve the problem. You will use math, reasoning, and general knowledge skills for these questions.

The Verbal Reasoning section has three types of questions: sentence structure, reading comprehension, and critical reasoning. The sentence structure questions will ask you to answer questions referring to the underlined text in a passage, recognize proper grammar and structure of sentences, and identify the answer that makes the sentence most clear and concise. On the reading comprehension questions, you will answer questions about a passage after reading it. This section tests your ability to understand words and logical relationships, as well as your ability to follow quantitative concept development and draw inferences. Lastly, the critical reasoning questions will test your ability to evaluate and make arguments. You will also form an action plan for the argument. In this section, you will have 65 minutes to answer 36 multiple-choice questions, so you will need to work efficiently.

For the Analytical Writing Assessment, you will read an argument and then write about that one argument. It is important that you organize and express your thoughts clearly. You will also need to provide examples and relevant supporting reasons for your argument. This section tests your command of written English, and your ability to recognize and analyze important aspects of an argument. You are only given 30 minutes to complete your writing, so it is important to practice planning and organizing your thoughts in order to write your best response.

How Can Preparing with Ann Arbor GMAT Prep Benefit Me?

We can connect you with Ann Arbor GMAT preparation that fits your needs and goals. You can enroll in an Ann Arbor GMAT prep class to help you reach for your score goals. In these class sessions, you will learn interactively with peers and an expert instructor. Participating in live collaborative online sessions can help you to learn other techniques as well as give you the opportunity to ask questions about topics or sections you may find more challenging to understand. Group discussions with your class can also help you retain the information you learn. These classes cover critical information about each section of the GMAT to give you insight into what you will need to know to try for your best score. New classes begin each week and are offered in two-week or four-week sessions. All classes are live and online through a live virtual platform, so you can learn from home or wherever you feel comfortable. You can also get one-on-one time with your instructor if you are needing additional help with a section or topic.

We know group learning isn't the best option for all people, so we can connect you with individualized learning sessions with a professional instructor if that is what you desire. Working with a private instructor can offer you the attention and time that you need to understand the content. Your private instructor can take the time to learn about your goals, needs, personality, and motivation. They can also adjust your learning plan as you progress through the material. For example, if you are needing more time to practice the Analytical Writing Assessment, they can provide that extra time and move more quickly through the sections you learn more easily.

No matter which option works best for you, Varsity Tutors can connect you with the right professional guidance to help you prepare for the GMAT and reach for your goals. The things you can learn from preparing with a prep class or tutor can be applied to the rest of your business career.

Where Can I Go to Connect with Ann Arbor GMAT Prep?

Varsity Tutors is here to connect you with qualified and experienced professionals to help you with your preparation needs. We recognize that you have many responsibilities in your life and career, and that is why we offer online GMAT prep so that you can learn from anywhere. We do a vigorous screening of all instructors so that you can be confident that you are getting help from someone who is qualified to do so. Don't struggle to prepare for your future alone. Let one of our Educational Consultants connect you with the GMAT prep that you want and need. Contact us today!

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