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If you feel that your student could benefit from taking an SAT Writing and Language class, Varsity Tutors offers several comprehensive SAT Writing and Language prep courses that may suit your needs. The SAT is the definitive standardized exam, taken by high school students across the country since 1926. It serves as an indication of a test-taker's college-readiness, though each school weights it in relation to other factors (GPA, difficulty of schedule, extracurricular activities, etc.) differently. If you want to help the student in your life take their test prep to a new level, consider enrolling them in an SAT Writing and Language prep class today!

Most SAT Writing and Language prep courses begin by going over the structure of the test. The SAT is a timed paper-and-pencil exam. The Writing and Language section places students in the role of an editor, with questions asking how to correct original passages deliberately flaunting one or more English rules. Here is some more basic information about the test:

SAT Writing and Language Facts

  • All questions come from provided written passages
  • Questions are multiple-choice
  • Some passages include tables, graphs, and charts
    • No math is required
  • Prior knowledge of the information in the passages is not part of this test.
  • The Writing and Language Test combines with the Reading Test for one half of your composite SAT score.

For example, the following sample question can give you a good sense of the types of questions that might appear on the SAT's Writing and Language section:

SAT Writing and Language Sample Question

  • This question is based on a particular sentence from a provided written passage
    • Which choice completes the sentence with accurate data based on the graph?
      • NO CHANGE
      • warning, however, that job growth in urban and regional planning will slow to 14 percent by 2020.
      • predicting that employment of urban and regional planners will increase 16 percent between 2010 and 2020.
      • indicating that 14 to 18 percent of urban and regional planning positions will remain unfilled.

If your student could use some additional experience with questions like this, they may benefit from taking practice exams during an SAT Writing and Language course. Not only does completing practice exams give students a sense of the time available to them on test day, the results may also help you determine their academic strengths and any areas of opportunity that could use improvement.

At Varsity Tutors, we offer two different types of SAT Writing and Language classes. The first is a private SAT Writing and Language prep course with a one-on-one tutor. Working with a private instructor allows your student to learn at their own pace, whether that means glossing over a particular topic or spending additional time on it. Any questions your student asks can also be addressed immediately, allowing misunderstandings to be corrected before they have a chance to multiply. Your student's instructor may even be able to design SAT Writing and Language courses around their unique needs. For example, a visual learner might work with flashcards listing common grammar rules, while an auditory learner might get more out of a lecture format with grammatical errors stressed to make them stand out more.

Alternatively, you may opt for a course. A course is a small SAT Writing and Language prep group consisting of an instructor, your student, and several classmates. Students are free to interact with one another, creating a collaborative learning environment that some may find beneficial. This option still allows you to arrange private sessions outside of your student's Group Course if they require personalized help with something.

Both options include access to our proprietary Live Learning Platform, a mobile-friendly online classroom that provides the benefits of face-to-face tutoring without the hassle of arranging a physical meetup. We also do our best to make SAT Writing and Language prep classes as convenient as possible. For instance, we try to refer every client to an instructor who meets their scheduling needs.

If you would like more information about our SAT Writing and Language course offerings, please contact an Educational Consultant today with any questions you have. Let's pursue your student's academic goals together!

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