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If you're searching for New York bar exam tutoring but don't know where to start, Varsity Tutors can help find you a qualified personal instructor in as few as 24 hours. We can find you one-on-one New York bar exam training to help review the academic content, boost your confidence, and improve your test-taking skills leading up to the exam. The key to passing the bar exam is preparation, and it's never too early to start preparing for this milestone in your legal career. Private tutoring can be a valuable resource for you from the time you finish law school to the time you sit for the bar exam.

What is on the New York bar exam?

The New York bar exam is administered to candidates seeking admission to practice law in the State of New York. More specifically, you will take the Uniform Bar Examination (UBE) which tests your knowledge of general principles of law, legal analysis and reasoning, and communication skills. In essence, it tests the fundamental knowledge and lawyering skills that are needed to begin the practice of law. The UBE consists of the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE), the Multistate Performance Test (MPT), and the Multistate Essay Examination (MEE).

To be eligible for the bar exam, applicants must take and complete an online course in New York-specific law known as the New York Law Course (NYLC), and they must take and pass an online exam known as the New York Law Exam (NYLE). In addition, all applicants must also satisfy the 50-hour pro bono service requirement to sit for the bar exam.

The New York bar exam costs $250 and is a two-day test administered electronically at designated test locations. The first day consists of two 90-minute Multistate Performance Test (MPT) questions in the morning and six 30-minute Multistate Essay Exam (MEE) questions in the afternoon. The second day comprises the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE), a 200-question multiple-choice test that can take up to 6 hours to complete.

How can New York bar exam tutors help me study for my test?

Working with a private instructor allows you to set your own pace for study. If you are already comfortable with topics like criminal law and procedure, your instructor can focus on other things. On the other hand, you can receive extra support on conflict of laws or secured transactions if you feel less confident in those subjects. We can find you New York bar exam tutors who can give in-depth explanations and answer all your questions to clear up any confusion you may have on a topic. It's important to note that most other test prep programs follow a rigid curriculum that probably won't meet your specific needs and goals.

In addition, a personal instructor can plan your New York bar exam training sessions according to your preferred learning style. If you're a visual learner, your instructor can use color-coded charts, flashcards, and other visual aids to give you a clear picture of any concepts you're studying. If you're more of an aural learner, you can have discussion-based lessons with lots of verbal repetition to retain important information about wills and estates. Your mentor can even create interactive projects if you're a physical learner who learns best by doing. There isn't one set way to study for your bar exam, and personal instruction gives you the freedom to choose the approach that makes sense to you.

Your tutor can help you improve more general study skills. For example, active reading skills like note-taking can aid in your retention of key information in case files or library information when writing a memo or brief on the MPT exam. You can also hone your organization skills to more efficiently identify the legal issues and relevant facts when composing a well-organized argument.

While your knowledge of the subject matter will obviously be crucial on exam day, your New York bar exam coach can also teach you test-taking strategies to draw on if you get stumped. For instance, it's possible to deduce the correct response to a multiple-choice question even if you aren't sure by ruling out the obviously wrong answers. If you aren't used to making educated guesses, your tutor can show you how.

It's also great to take entire practice tests at some point in your sessions to become familiar with what the exam expects of you. Having firsthand experience with the wording of bar exam questions can make it easier to spot common keywords like "except" and "not". An individual instructor can teach you time management tactics so you are sure to finish each section within the time allotted. For example, New York bar exam tutors can show you how to navigate the various contract laws that might be cited during your exam. In addition, you can review your answers item by item to see where you are improving and any knowledge gaps that need your attention.

How can I fit sessions with a New York bar exam tutor into my busy schedule?

We understand how busy life can be, so we make private New York bar exam tutoring accessible and convenient. We take care of all the research required to find an instructor who you can meet online or in-person which makes the process completely stress-free for you. You will also have access to an exclusive Live Learning Platform which means that you can study online from any location with a reliable internet connection. This way, you won't have to bother with a long commute to meet with your tutor. This will free up so much more time to manage your other daily obligations.

Our Live Learning Platform is available to use on a variety of mobile devices, so you'll be able to choose the ideal mobile device on which to attend study sessions. Our platform offers useful features to give you the best possible learning experience. Your tutor can use the platform's interface to incorporate practice problems for you to work on together. In addition to that, our video chat feature provides you and your academic tutor with direct communication that gives you the same quality of education as if you were in the same room.

There's a shared document editor where your instructor can help you refine your analytical and writing skills that are vital for success on the bar exam and in professional practice. Perhaps the best feature is that every online study session is automatically recorded so you can go back for a refresher at any time. New York bar exam tutoring has never been so easy.

How can I find a New York bar exam coach today?

You could attempt to find an individual New York bar exam tutors on your own, but why waste your time and go through the hassle of finding a person who fits your academic and scheduling needs? Instead, let Varsity Tutors do all of the work for you and get you connected with a certified instructor. We look forward to helping you along your journey from law student to bar applicant to practicing attorney. Give us a call or send an email our way and we'll put you in touch with one of our expert educational consultants. They are ready to help you however they can, so don't delay another day.

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