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If you're a professional in the Information Technology field, or a student who expects to enter the IT field after graduation, certifications through the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) can be extremely helpful. If you're looking for a little guidance before you take your certification test, you may want to look into CompTIA prep courses available from Varsity Tutors.

A CompTIA prep class can help you to gain clarity on the various certifications that are available. There are three main areas of certification, and each have their own subcategory certifications, like Network+, Linux+, and Server+. Whether you're interested in core CompTIA certification, cybersecurity, or computing infrastructure, CompTIA offers a wide variety of options in the IT field. There are a trio of additional professional certifications as well. These certifications are outlined below.


  • ITF+
  • Network+
  • A+
  • Security+
  • CySA+
  • PenTest+
  • CASP+
  • Cloud+
  • Linux+
  • Server+
  • CTT+
  • Cloud Essentials
  • Project+

No matter which certification you are pursuing, a CompTIA course where you work with a trained tutor to review the different concepts in a specific certification could prove very helpful. There are four steps to the certification process. First, you choose your certification, and then you begin learning about your chosen certification and explore the trainings that are available. The are CompTIA prep classes that occur in a one-on-one environment, utilizing the Live Learning Platform, are able to focus on the things that will benefit you the most. Utilizing this personalized prep can be a less stressful way to move through a Comp TIA class, as well as through the rest of the certification process.

Completing a CompTIA course with a knowledgeable tutor can help you to move forward toward your goal of obtaining certification. The third step is to learn about the certification exam, which is something you'll likely go over with the CompTIA certification tutor you are paired with, and the fourth step is to register and complete your certification exam.

The benefits of these certifications come to the individual who obtains the credential, but it goes beyond that. Businesses that bring on workers with these certifications also see the benefits. These benefits are outlined below. Some of the certifications are more popular than others, because that area of the industry is looking for more people with that certification. Some of those in-demand certifications are also listed below.

Benefits of CompTIA Certification

  • For Individuals
    • IT career opportunities.
    • Job security
    • Respect and credibility in the IT workplace
    • The potential for government and military technology positions.
    • Shows that you are dedicated to advancing your career
    • CompTIA certifications are requirements in the certification programs of leading vendors like Microsoft, IBM & Cisco.

Connecting with a tutor and taking a CompTIA prep course through Varsity Tutors is a great way to supplement and bring clarity to what you do know about the certification area you're pursuing, and help you to understand areas of the certification that you might be struggling with. Our instructors approach CompTIA prep classes differently than large-group studying. The one-on-one time with a tutor allows you to focus and explore in more detail the different aspects of these certifications. There's less pressure, and that may help you to feel less rushed as you prepare for your certification exam.

Reach out to the team at Varsity Tutors today. We will connect you with a knowledgeable tutor who knows the challenges of obtaining CompTIA certifications and can teach the CompTIA class that helps you move closer to your goals.

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