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If you are considering enrolling your student in a STAAR prep course, Varsity Tutors offers private STAAR classes that may help them improve their study skills. The STAAR (State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness) exams are taken by all students grades 3-12 to determine what they are learning and whether they are ready for the academic rigors of the next grade level. Standardized tests can feel daunting, so a STAAR class can help build your student's confidence as exam day approaches!

One of the first things discussed in a typical STAAR course is the structure and content of the exams your student is preparing for. If you aren't sure what they should go over during STAAR prep class sessions, the chart below provides a breakdown of the STAAR schedule by grade level:

STAAR Test Grade Level or Course
Reading Grades 3-8
Math Grades 3-8
Writing Grades 4 and 7
Science Grades 5 and 8
Social Studies Grade 8
EOC (end of course) Algebra I, US History, Biology, English I, English II

The beauty of private STAAR prep classes is that they are flexible enough to adapt to any student's needs. For instance, let's say that your student is in Grade 8. They have four STAAR tests on their plate this year: Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies. A typical STAAR course might spend equal time on all four subjects, but most students are stronger in one or more than the others. Spending an equal amount of time on everything isn't the optimal solution in most cases.

Let's add that your student excels in reading comprehension, so you're not really worried about the Reading STAAR. Strong reading comprehension skills also make Social Studies easier, so that one is probably fine too. It looks like this hypothetical student might be best served by concentrating on the Math and Science STAAR exams, with maybe a little bit of review for the other two, during their STAAR courses. Of course, sessions could also focus on Reading and Social Studies in the opposite scenario.

Once you know which exams your student should concentrate on, STAAR prep courses might go over the specific contents of those tests. Returning to the example above, the following graphic breaks down the concepts on the Grade 8 Math STAAR exam:

STAAR Grade 8 Math Topics

  • Numerical Representations and Relationships
  • Computations and Algebraic Relationships
  • Geometry and Measurement
  • Data Analysis and Personal Financial Literacy

Again, working with a private instructor allows students to concentrate on any subject. If your student has strong algebraic skills but has a harder time with geometry, their instructor might provide extra geometry practice problems for more experience. A private instructor may also be able to incorporate your student's interests to make studying more engaging. For example, financial literacy can seem dry as a standalone topic, but framing it as saving for a video game may make it more interesting.

We also try to make STAAR test prep as convenient as possible. Our Live Learning Platform allows your student to meet with their instructor online, taking the hassle out of private STAAR prep courses. We also do our best to match every student with an instructor who meets your scheduling needs. After all, no kid should have to compromise sports, hobbies, or even relaxation time just to study for a test.

If you're ready to learn more about our STAAR classes, contact Varsity Tutors today for more information. Educational Directors are currently standing by to address any questions you have!

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