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Whether you are an education graduate from a school like San Francisco State University or San Jose State University, Varsity Tutors can help provide for your needs with our San Francisco-Bay Area Praxis course. We can help aspiring teachers to prepare for the Praxis exam in a more convenient and cost-effective way. Studying for the Praxis will take serious dedication and you may be required to sit for different types of Praxis tests depending on the subject and grade level you want to teach. You can start preparing for the test by enrolling in our San Francisco-Bay Area Praxis prep course. The course is offered online, so all you need is to log into our virtual classroom and you can already participate in the review. You'll study under the tutelage of instructors who know how to help candidates do their their best on the Praxis test so you can be sure you're in good hands throughout your review.

What are some of the topics a San Francisco-Bay Area Praxis class can cover?

In the San Francisco-Bay Area Praxis class, your instructor can give you a comprehensive review of the content and format of the different types of exams under Praxis. There are three main types of exams. Let's take a look at the content for each one.

The Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators also referred to as Core has exams for reading, math, and writing knowledge. The three tests can be taken as individual tests on separate days or as one combined test. They were designed to measure the content knowledge and skills of aspiring candidates who want to enter teacher preparation programs.

The Praxis Subject Assessments is a test for teachers who want to teach K-12 subjects. The questions check a candidate's general and subject-specific knowledge and teaching skills. Types of questions include selected-response and constructed-response (essay) questions.

The Praxis Content Knowledge for Teaching Assessments or CKT assesses a candidate's specialized content knowledge in elementary school teaching. The subjects included in the test are social studies, mathematics, reading and language arts, and science.

All the tests are given as computer-based tests and many states require candidates to pass one or more of the Praxis. Educational institutions can also set their own standards when it comes to acceptable Praxis test scores.

What are the advantages of enrolling in a San Francisco-Bay Area Praxis course?

Preparing for Praxis through the course can help you have a more focused and effective review. You will study using a well-structured curriculum taught by expert instructors who not only have years of experience, but also years of experience helping aspiring teachers prepare for their Praxis test. You can learn test-taking techniques from your instructor so you can be more efficient in answering test questions and you can also be more confident no matter which type of Praxis test you're going to take.

You will also have live classes online which means you can see, hear, and interact with your instructor and other students in the course as if you were in a real, physical classroom. You will use video chat for the online classes and there's also an online whiteboard so you can easily follow the lecture and take notes. If you are confused about a subject or want to work on practice questions with the supervision of your instructor, the course also allows you to request a 1-on-1 meeting with your instructor outside of the online class. This personalized attention can help you make sense of teaching concepts and topics you don't understand much faster than researching about it on your own.

Also, since the Praxis course provided by Varsity Tutors is online, we can offer a wide range of course times each day. There's no need to travel to a physical classroom, so you save on time, effort, and costs for your review. All you need is to log into our virtual classroom and you can start learning. We have 2-week and 4-week courses as well as evening and weekend courses. If your availability is in the middle of the day, we can also help you find a course that suits your schedule.

How can I enroll in a San Francisco-Bay Area Praxis course?

If you're ready to start your Praxis review, reach out to our educational consultants at Varsity Tutors so we can assist you in enrolling in our San Francisco-Bay Area Praxis course. We can help you get the expert support you need to reach for your exam goals in Praxis.

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