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Varsity Tutors offers students from a variety of backgrounds the opportunity to sign up for a quality Boston Praxis prep course. We can register aspiring teachers for classes led by well-trained instructors in the Boston area.

The Praxis tests assess whether candidates have the academic skills and subject-specific content knowledge needed in the field of education. The tests are often taken as part of the certification process that many states and professional licensing organizations require.

So, if you're a student at Tufts University eyeing a career in education, signing up for a Boston Praxis course could be a great way for you to reach for your goals. You can not only have access to the opportunities you need to practice your skills, but also learn time-tested approaches to taking the exam in a more efficient way.

Which topics are generally covered in a Boston Praxis course?

The Praxis tests cover a wide range of themes and require test-takers to demonstrate their ability to perform a number of skills. From specialized content knowledge used in elementary school teaching to general skills in reading, writing, and mathematics, mastering the material for the Praxis tests is no cakewalk.

Fortunately, in a Boston Praxis class, Varsity Tutors offers you access to a well-trained instructor who understands both the content and format of the test. Having a knowledgeable instructor can help you streamline your prep and give you access to that useful guidance you've been needing. So, signing up for a class can build your base of knowledge of topics covered in the Praxis tests. You can have that time, space, and attention you've been wanting to deepen your knowledge and strengthen your teaching muscles.

Students may find it useful to know that the Praxis is a computer-administered exam. So, building skills in speed and accuracy can help students take the test in a more efficient manner. With the help of your instructor, you can begin to manage your time, prioritize, and organize better. If you generally feel nervous while taking exams, in a Boston Praxis class your instructor may even be able to help you develop mechanisms to stay calm and focused during the test.

What are the advantages of taking this class?

The Praxis tests cover a staggering number of pedagogical concepts, so mastering the material requires a significant investment of time and energy. That's why a Boston Praxis class focuses on giving you opportunities to engage with the material and master it over time. Although you may think that studying for the exam independently is the way to go, signing up to take a class with a well-trained instructor could end up being extremely beneficial.

Furthermore, the class is actually convenient. With the class held completely online and offered at a range of different times, your learning ease comes first. So, you don't have to worry about an added responsibility or managing an extra commute.

A Boston Praxis course is also collaborative in nature. Thanks to a handy digital tool known as the Live Learning Platform, you can talk to your instructor and peers easily with a Boston Praxis class. As long as you have a device enabled with a steady Internet connection, you can access your coursework, talk to people in class, and pick the learning environment of your choosing. This way, you can learn from and alongside your fellow classmates, and become exposed to a variety of different perspectives that could help make you a more compassionate and culturally competent teacher in the future. In addition, being in a collaborative learning environment can help you retain material better, as well as keep you on track when you're feeling unmotivated.

Last but not least, a Boston Praxis course lets you request individualized, one-on-one time with your academic mentor as and when you need it. Students may opt to use this one-on-one time to review doubts, go over questions, or identify learning and test-taking strategies. So, whether you find yourself curious to dive into K-6 teaching strategies or need to review your algebraic expressions, you can refine your understanding in a stress-free setting and approach the exam with confidence.

How can I sign up for a class?

Whether you simply want to learn more or feel ready to register for a Boston Praxis course, contact the educational consultants at Varsity Tutors today.

The class is held completely online. New sections open each month. With many time slots available- including evenings and weekends- your already packed schedule doesn't have to suffer.

So, if you're pursuing a degree at the University of Massachusetts - Boston and want to enter a teaching preparation program in the future, contact Varsity Tutors and sign up for a Boston Praxis course today.

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