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Varsity Tutors offers a St. Louis Praxis prep course that can help students prepare for this valuable certification exam whether they are in their early stages of studying or would simply like to perform a comprehensive revision before taking the exam. This program can benefit candidates who are planning on taking either the Praxis Core or the Praxis Subject Assessments. The St. Louis Praxis course attracts students from several local institutions such as the University of Missouri - St. Louis and Saint Louis University. Praxis assessments evaluate candidates' competency in educational knowledge as well as the specific content of subjects they may instruct in. Praxis is one of the most well-known certification assessments that aspiring educators in many states use to prove their ability to succeed as a teacher. No matter where you are in the preparation process, a St. Louis Praxis course can provide you with the opportunity to revisit important material you learned in school in a manner that is more effective than studying on your own.

What topics will be covered during a St. Louis Praxis class?

The class offered will cover topics that can be advantageous to both students preparing for the Praxis Core or the Praxis Subject Assessments. Both exams are computer-administered. The Praxis Core consists of three sections: reading, writing, and mathematics which can be taken during the same period or divided into multiple appointments. This class will try to help students sharpen their ability to read and analyze multiple documents simultaneously, improve their writing skills and research methods, and perform fundamental mathematical functions relating to equations, geometry, statistics, and probability. The Praxis Subject Assessments, on the other hand, evaluate test-takers on grade level-specific pedagogical abilities and content knowledge. These grade levels are K-6, 5-9, and 7-12. Students taking the St. Louis Praxis class and preparing for the Subject Assessments can learn strategies to better tackle specific case questions on the exam that test their ability to analyze different professional teaching situations.

What benefits are there to taking the St. Louis Praxis course as opposed to studying on my own time?

The St. Louis Praxis course is led by an instructor with experience in guiding students through the content of the Praxis exams, teaching specific test-taking strategies, and facilitating a collaborative classroom environment. The instructor's knowledge can help students better manage their studying schedule and learning goals. All courses make use of the Live Learning Platform. This technology incorporates a video chat and virtual keyboard in order to simulate a physical classroom environment by organically connecting the students to the instructor. This setting allows students to effectively communicate with the instructor and ask them questions as well as collaborate with other students in order to learn from one another and improve their general knowledge. Naturally, this provides a sense of comradery that can boost motivation to excel among the individuals taking the course. The benefits of this environment are difficult to recreate when students choose to study alone.

The instructor of the St. Louis Praxis course also balances out the program to cover both the content and knowledge aspect of the revision as well as specific strategies to tackle each type of questions more effectively. The Praxis assessments contain a wide range of question types due to the different reading, writing, and mathematics sections. While some students do well analyzing reading passages, others excel better at solving mathematical problems and equations. The instructor of the course is trained to help address the specific needs of students to try and help them review the areas of the test they require the most help in.

Finally, the fact that this course is offered online means students can enjoy the accessibility and flexibility of this service. While taking a physical course requires students to expend time and energy commuting to their course location, the St. Louis Praxis course is offered at many different times and only requires the student to have a device connected to the internet. So, the course will be much easier to fit into a busy student's schedule than a physical one.

How can I enroll in a St. Louis Praxis class?

By contacting an educational consultant via the Varsity Tutors website, you take the first step towards using our services. You will be able to view a wide range of class schedules and program lengths that can match your preferences. Our consultants can answer any questions you have about the St. Louis Praxis class in order to help you make the best test prep decision for yourself. Reach out to Varsity Tutors today to learn more.

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