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If your child is getting ready to take the SSAT, then Varsity Tutors can help them study for it with an in-depth Portland SSAT preparation option. Working with an experienced test prep instructor can provide the guidance your student needs to feel more confident on the day of their exam. The SSAT is a standardized test that is taken by students who are getting ready to apply to competitive private or independent elementary, middle, and high schools. Your student's SSAT results will be used in the admissions process as a part of their ultimate admissions decision.

The SSAT can be a difficult exam to study for without any guidance. This is because It tests on a variety of different academic subjects. However, your child doesn't have to prepare for their upcoming test alone. Instead, consider signing them up for a Portland SSAT prep option. You can easily get started with the option that is the best match for them by contacting Varsity Tutors today. Or, you can keep reading for more information on the SSAT and what we can do to help your student prepare for it.

What's covered on the SSAT?

The SSAT was designed to help private and independent schools determine which of their applicants are most suited for success at their school. The specific topics that will be tested on your student's exam will depend on which level of the SSAT they're taking. The exam has an Elementary, Middle, and Upper Level, which correspond to the grade level that the student is seeking admission into. For example, if your student is applying to an independent or private high school, then they will take the Upper-Level SSAT. Below, you'll find a breakdown of this version of the exam.

The Upper-Level of the SSAT contains a Writing Sample, which your student must complete. This part of the SSAT will feature two prompts, one creative and one traditional. Your child will be allowed to pick the one they wish to respond to. Then, they'll need to craft a well-organized and well-written essay within the section's 25-minute time limit. This part of the SSAT is unscored but it's a good chance to show the schools your student applies to how skilled they are as a writer.

The next part of the SSAT is its Quantitative Sections. There are two different Quantitative Sections, each of which features 25 questions and a time limit of 30 minutes. This part of the exam is concerned with your student's mathematical skills. They will be tested on core math subjects like arithmetic, algebra, and geometry. Your student should feel confident performing data analysis, evaluating probability questions, and completing number operations, among other things.

Third, your student will also complete the SSAT's Reading Section. This part of the exam features 40 questions that test-takers must answer within a 40-minute time limit. Here, test-takers are tasked with interpreting the meaning of narrative and argumentative passages from literary fiction, science, social studies, and the humanities. They will need to demonstrate the ability to extract information from these passages and answer questions about them. Some of the topics that are tested include main ideas, words in context, the author's purpose, tone, and the evaluation of opinions and arguments, among other things.

Fourth, the final part of the Upper-Level SSAT is the exam's Verbal Section. This section contains 60 questions and has a time limit of 30 minutes. This part of the SSAT consists of 30 questions on synonyms and 30 questions on analogies. Your student can study for this section by learning about word roots, prefixes and suffixes, and determining the meaning of a word from context. Signing them up to work with a test prep instructor can help them build a better understanding of this section and its content.

How can Varsity Tutors help your student prepare for the SSAT?

Signing up for a Portland SSAT prep supplement is a great way to get your student ready for their upcoming exam. You can get them started with a Portland SSAT prep course or sign them up to work with a private test prep tutor. Both of these options have unique benefits that can supplement your child's study plan in different ways. You'll learn more about these benefits in the paragraphs below.

First, you may be interested in getting your student started with a Portland SSAT prep class. Classes take place online through a powerful virtual learning platform. They are taught by experienced test prep instructors who will deliver a series of live lectures to your student and a small group of peers. If your child is having a hard time with one of the topics covered in their course, then they can also sign up for one-on-one help from their instructor. This creates a learning environment that is primed for academic growth.

This type of Portland SSAT is also a flexible learning option. Both two and four-week course options are available and new courses begin weekly. This makes it easy to find an option that meets at times that fit within you and your child's schedules. You can reach out to us today if you'd like help picking the right course option for your student.

Or, you may prefer to sign your student up to work with a Portland SSAT tutor. This option gives your child the chance to work directly with their instructor throughout their entire test preparation process. Your student's tutor can create a customized lesson plan for them that's targeted with their growth in mind. Your child can work through each SSAT topic at their own pace and spend additional time on the subjects that they're having the hardest time with. Additionally, when you reach out to Varsity Tutors to find a tutor for the SSAT, we'll make every effort to connect you with one that can meet at times that fit you and your student's schedules.

How can you get started?

Do you think that your child would benefit from one of these Portland SSAT prep choices? If so, the quickest way to get started with the option of your choice is by contacting Varsity Tutors today. We'd love to help your student get more out of their SSAT preparation process and hope to hear from you soon.

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