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If you're seeking Albany SSAT prep for your student, Varsity Tutors has your back. The Secondary School Admission Test, or SSAT, is offered to students who are interested in applying to a private or independent school. The exam strives to identify students who have the knowledge and skills necessary to perform successfully in a non-public institution. While the exams are focused on the concepts your student should have learned about during school, they may need a little extra support getting ready for this exam. We can help you find learning options that can help your student review for the test in a comprehensive manner. Read on to learn more about how you can maximize your student's test review sessions.

What can Albany SSAT prep review?

Administered to students between 3rd and 11th grade, the SSAT is an admissions exam that measures the basic math, reading, and verbal skills needed to keep up with courses offered at private and independent schools. There are three levels of the exam: the Elementary Level, the Middle Level, and the Upper Level. There are five sections on the Elementary Level SSAT: Quantitative, Reading, Verbal, Writing Sample, and Experimental. Your student will have one hour and 50 minutes to tackle the 89 questions on this exam. The Upper and Middle Levels cover the same sections, but include a second Quantitative section for a total of 167 questions that have to be completed in two hours and 50 minutes. Let's explore each section.

The Quantitative section for the Elementary Level exam spans 30 questions while the other two tests contain 25 questions in each of the two Quantitative sections. Younger students will face questions that focus on early math skills and concepts, such as measurement, multiplication, number order, spatial sense, and others. The Middle Level version of this exam assesses your student's knowledge of elementary algebra, geometry, and arithmetic concepts. Students taking the Upper Level SSAT will need to understand concepts like line equations, circle and polygon areas, graphing skills, and triangles.

The Reading section aims to assess a student's reading comprehension skills. Elementary Level students will be presented with seven passages with four related questions each. They have 30 minutes to complete tasks like identifying the main idea or defining new words based on context. Middle Level students have 40 minutes to solve 40 narrative and argumentative passage-based problems. They will need to demonstrate evaluation, inference, and other relevant skills. The Upper Level Reading section focuses on a student's ability to understand and gain insight from narrative and argumentative texts.

Elementary Level students will have 30 minutes to answer 30 questions on the Verbal section of the SSAT. These questions revolve around their basic understanding of language, such as relationships between words and vocabulary. Middle Level students are presented with 60 problems related to synonyms and analogies to complete in 30 minutes. Upper Level students have a similar, more advanced Verbal section that incorporates language origins.

The Elementary Level Writing Sample offers students a picture about which they must write a complete short story in 15 minutes. This section measures basic organization, spelling, grammar, and punctuation skills. The Middle Level version presents two creative story prompts for your student to choose from. The piece should be well-organized and properly written. They have 25 minutes to complete it. The Upper Level Writing Sample allows your student to choose between a creative story and a traditional essay prompt. They will need strong skills in organization, persuasive writing, and English mechanics.

The Experimental section for every level of the SSAT is unscored. It serves as a practice run for future questions.

What types of Albany SSAT prep are available and how do they differ?

There are two main types of Albany SSAT preparation: private instruction and a group class. Varsity Tutors can sign your student up for either option. Our educational consultants can guide you toward the ideal method for your student. Let's explore some of the benefits here.

Group learning can be an affordable option that can help your student deepen their understanding of the material and skills needed on the test. We can enroll your student in an Albany SSAT prep course that covers all of the sections on the test. Led by a thoroughly vetted expert instructor, your student can engage with their peers in discussions and activities that follow a test-centered curriculum. Their course mentor can walk students through the material covered by the exam, introducing them to testing strategies and techniques that can help them quickly recall information as they work. If your student has trouble getting the hang of a skill or topic, their instructor can set aside time to work with them personally to overcome the challenge.

Private tutoring can serve as a valuable resource to students who prefer to learn in a one-on-one setting. We can connect you with an Albany SSAT tutor who can introduce your student to the exam in a way that they can understand. Your student's mentor can take the time to get to know their unique needs. They can develop a customized study plan that takes your student's learning personality, strengths, areas of opportunity, and testing goals into account. This can make your student's test prep more efficient by skipping past the concepts they are well-versed in. Throughout each study session, the mentor can assess your student's progress to ensure they aren't spending too much or too little time exploring the material. They may even incorporate practice tests, sample problems, and writing prompts to help your student as they work to build these critical skills.

How can I get my student signed up for Albany SSAT prep?

There are a broad range of benefits when you enroll your student in an Albany SSAT prep class or connect them with a private instructor. Let Varsity Tutors help your student get set up for the kind of test review that can work for their individual needs. Whether your student needs a class during the weekend or a private mentor who understands their learning preferences, our educational consultants can help you figure out the best route for your student. Don't hesitate to reach out to learn more about these fantastic SSAT prep opportunities.

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