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Varsity Tutors can help you identify the right Cincinnati SSAT prep solution for your child. If you're hoping to enroll your child in a nearby private school, you already know how important this exam is. The SSAT is considered one of the best measurements of a student's grade level appropriate academic understanding in the core subject areas of reading, math, and standard English language conventions.

The efficacy of the test has led to many independent and private schools requiring it as part of their admissions process. Whether your child will be taking the Elementary Level SSAT or you have a student who will soon face the Middle or Upper Level SSAT, it's essential to give them the opportunity to prepare and review before test day. Keep reading to learn more about what the various levels of the SSAT measure and how Varsity Tutors can help you find the right Cincinnati SSAT preparation strategy for your child's learning needs.

What can Cincinnati SSAT prep cover?

Regardless of the SSAT level your child will be taking, there will be five individual sections; Reading, Verbal Quantitative, Writing Prompt, and Experimental. Only the first three are part of the scoring process.

In both the Middle and Upper Level SSAT your child will have two Quantitative sections, but Elementary Level SSAT testers will only have one. This section evaluates your child's grade level appropriate math skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, and number theory. It may also include concepts from algebra and geometry.

The Reading and Verbal sections of the SSAT evaluate your child's grade level appropriate English language and reading comprehension skills. Some of the items they may need to review as part of their SSAT prep include analogies, synonyms, vocabulary, making inferences, determining an author's purpose, finding the main idea, defining words and phrases in context, determining the author's tone, prefixes, and suffixes.

The Writing Prompt section of the SSAT, while not scored, is still significant because it is sent to all of the schools to which your child is applying. School admissions officials may factor in your child's writing technique as part of their enrollment decision. SSAT prep can help your child work on key writing skills such as grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, creating an outline, and more.

The Experimental Section of the SSAT will have no bearing on your child's score and will not be sent to admissions officials. It is only intended for the designers of the test and is used to improve the test.

There are several different options available to help your child prepare for the SSAT, whether they need an extensive overview or targeted subject area specific assistance.

How can a Cincinnati SSAT prep class help my child prepare for their upcoming exam?

An SSAT prep class offers modern convenience with all of the benefits of traditional classroom instruction. All classes are held in a secure digital environment. Your child can attend their regularly scheduled classes from any location with a reliable internet connection. You don't have to worry about adding an additional commute time to your preparation plans. Instead, your child can use this time to squeeze in a little more independent review.

Classes are led by a skilled teacher who will deliver the content directly to the class, just like in a physical classroom. They may then encourage group conversations about the material or assign projects to help students engage with the content to deepen their understanding. If your child feels unsure about something, they will have opportunities to ask questions.

When you enroll your child in a prep class, you get to choose the intensity level. You can register them for a two or four-week course. If they need a quick but comprehensive review, then the two-week option might be a great fit. If they tend to like time to become acclimated to new environments or have more time to spend preparing, a four-week option is available.

SSAT prep classes are ideal for students who thrive in group environments and are motivated when surrounded by peers who are engaged in similar pursuits.

How is working with a Cincinnati SSAT tutor different from taking a course?

Working directly with an instructor is a very different experience for students than being in a classroom with a teacher. In a classroom setting, the instructor must methodically review designated topics to ensure students receive a comprehensive overview of the material that will be on the SSAT. Private tutoring can be just as extensive, but it also allows for a greater degree of personalization. A private tutor can focus exclusively on creating lesson plans based on your child's learning style, SSAT goals, academic strengths, and academic weaknesses. If your child only needs help working on linear equations or calculating area and perimeter, but they are above grade level in other areas, private tutoring sessions can reflect this.

Another difference between courses and private sessions is the way in which they are scheduled. Courses are designed to give a dependable structure that parents and students can plan around. This is an effective way to ensure the most students have access to high-quality SSAT prep resources, but it may not always be convenient. If your family needs more scheduling flexibility, private sessions can provide that. You can schedule individual SSAT prep sessions throughout the week and on weekends during the morning, afternoon, and evening hours.

Personalized instruction is an excellent choice for students who are more comfortable working independently with an instructor or who find classroom settings to be more distracting. They're also perfectly designed for busy families who need a prep solution that works around their hectic schedules.

How can I get my child started with the right Cincinnati SSAT prep solution?

If you're ready to provide your child with professional Cincinnati SSAT prep, Varsity Tutors can help. Whether you want to enroll them in a Cincinnati SSAT prep course or you would prefer they work one-on-one with a skilled private tutor, we can make getting started quick and easy. Contact Varsity Tutors today to maximize your child's SSAT prep.

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