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If you're interested in getting help preparing for the GRE from a professional instructor, Varsity Tutors offers quality Salt Lake City GRE courses to students or professionals just like you. The classes are conducted live online, so you can interact with the instructor and your classmates. With professional instruction and advice as well as the opportunity to discuss test-taking tips with your peers, this option provides for a very thorough test preparation process.

The GRE is required for admission into many graduate schools around the world, as it is considered a reliable indicator of an applicant's potential for success in graduate-level study. Not all colleges and universities demand you take the test, though. However, if you take the GRE, virtually any program you apply for will accept your test results as part of your application packet. They'll most likely consider it in addition to your other qualifications in making determinations about acceptance into their program. It's a good idea to give yourself every advantage as you prepare to do your best on the GRE exam day.

What kinds of skills will be covered in a Salt Lake City GRE course?

You may wonder how the same test can give meaningful information about one student who's planning to earn a master's degree in Nutrition and Integrative Psychology at the University of Utah's Graduate College of Health, and another student who's working towards their Master of Public Administration at Brigham Young University's Marriott School of Business. Obviously, much of your specific knowledge will be different.

But there are skills that any graduate student needs to be proficient in. The GRE contains three sections: Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Analytical Writing. The relevant aptitudes in math, reading, writing, critical thinking, and problem-solving are tested through these sections, and they apply to any advanced student.

The Quantitative Reasoning section gauges your abilities in basic math, algebra, geometry, and data analysis. There are 40 questions in this section in three formats: quantitative comparison, multiple-choice, and numeric entry. You have up to 70 minutes to finish them.

The Verbal Reasoning section has 40 multiple-choice questions with a time limit of 60 minutes. There are three question types: reading comprehension, text completion, and sentence equivalence. The first type is passage-based, where you read a short passage and answer questions that demonstrate your understanding of what you read. For the other two types, you're given paragraphs or sentences that have blanks in them, and you choose the answer that explains the idea best and is most clear, concise, and uses language properly.

In the Analytical Writing section, you'll analyze an issue essay and an argument essay. You have 30 minutes to read the text, plan your response, and execute it using correct written English conventions like grammar, punctuation, and so on. It's important to show your competence in analyzing the essay for the use of evidence to back up its claims and in using evidence from the essay to back up your claims about its qualities.

Your Salt Lake City GRE course will cover each of these sections in much more depth. The instructor can choose to focus a bit more or less on certain material if the class members need extra review or already have a firm grasp of the topic. If there's a concept that's extra challenging for you compared to your peers, you can set up personal, one-on-one tutoring sessions through Varsity Tutors. With your tutor's undivided attention and guidance as you work to master the material, you can feel confident that you're covered on all fronts when you take a GRE course from Varsity Tutors.

How does studying in a Salt Lake City GRE class help improve my GRE test preparation?

Content review is an important part of preparing for the GRE, but it's not the only essential test prep that needs to be done. That's one reason why it's a great idea to study with an experienced educator who is familiar with everything about the GRE. There are certain rules for each standardized exam, including the GRE. Your instructor can help you gain familiarity with the entire testing process, which can help alleviate anxiety, which is often caused by fear of the unknown.

Time management is an important aspect of taking the GRE. As it mentions above, each section has a firm time limit. Happily, your Salt Lake City GRE class instructor probably knows many ways you can increase your pace until you feel confident that you'll be able to complete each section in time. You may take timed practice tests until your speed is enough, or your instructor or classmates may have other ideas and suggestions to try.

If you've taken a standardized test before, you know the questions can be a bit confusing. Your Salt Lake City GRE class may spend time going over some questions that students commonly find difficult, and your instructor can walk you through what the question is actually asking. There are many other test-taking strategies you can learn during your GRE class provided by Varsity Tutors.

Sounds great. How can I get signed up for a Salt Lake City GRE prep course?

Varsity Tutors strives to make it as easy as possible to access the GRE courses we offer. You can sign up for a two- or four-week course, and multiple sections run at different times of the day and week. New classes start every week, so there's no reason for you to wait once you decide to begin your test prep.

If you're ready now or want to learn more, contact Varsity Tutors today. We'll ask a few questions about your goals and schedule, and then let you know what options are available. Once you pick the Salt Lake City GRE course that best meets your needs, we'll get you set up to begin right away. We look forward to hearing from you and helping make your path to your goals easier as you spend your effort where it's really needed-studying for the test.

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