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If you're going to take the GRE soon, consider contacting Varsity Tutors so we can lend you a hand with a Syracuse GRE prep course. This program allows you to prepare for the test with other college students. The GRE, an acronym of the Graduate Record Examinations, is a test post-secondary students and degreed professionals who are returning to schools take to increase their chances of entrance in a business or graduate school.

You may benefit greatly from a Syracuse GRE class. Each class is conducted by an expert teacher, and all the lessons are online. It gives you a taste of what the exam would be like and helps you build an understanding of topics it covers.

Even though some graduate programs don't require the GRE, taking the exam is an excellent way to stand out from other applicants, particularly if you dream of attending Syracuse University Graduate School or another graduate program in the vicinity. By enrolling in a prep course, you're taking the first step towards reaching for your scholastic objectives.

What could a Syracuse GRE course help me review?

The GRE is a three-section standardized exam (Verbal Reasoning, Analytical Writing, and Quantitative Reasoning) that's administered at thousands of test centers all over the world. It has both multiple-choice and essay questions, and you can choose to take it on a computer or on paper. It's vital for you to do well on the test since your score is valid for five years. The time limit for the test is three hours and 45 minutes. You may already know a little about the test, but here's an overview of each section below.

The Verbal Reasoning section is made up of two mini-sections each containing 20 questions. They cover text completion, sentence equivalence, and reading comprehension. This section measures your ability to comprehend passages, write grammatically-correct sentences, and understand vocabulary in context. Its scoring range is 130 to 170, and its time limit is one hour.

The Analytical Writing section possesses two essay questions. One essay presents an issue, and the other essay presents an author's argument. This section tests your skills in using correct English, communicating complex ideas, and supporting ideas using relevant examples and logical reasoning to evaluate an argument or to express an opinion about a topic. Its scoring range is 130 to 170, and you have 30 minutes to finish each task.

The Quantitative Reasoning section contains two smaller sections each having 20 questions. The questions deal with data interpretation, quantitative comparisons, and problem-solving. This section assesses number-related skills like analyzing data and solving algebra, geometry, and arithmetic problems. Its scoring range is 130 to 170, and its time limit is 70 minutes.

When taking the GRE, you may come across an Experimental section embedded in the Quantitative or Verbal Reasoning sections. The purpose of this is to test out questions for possible use in future exams. You won't be able to identify it because it isn't marked, plus it's unscored. Additionally, there's a Research section that comes near the end of the exam, and it may or may not take the place of the Experimental section. It's voluntary and identified.

The good about taking the GRE exam is that you have lots of control over how you answer questions. You can skip some questions and return to them later. Also, you can take it in any order you wish.

How does a Syracuse GRE class help me prepare for the exam?

The class takes place in an online environment, making it simple for you to partake in lessons through your computer. If you're busy with responsibilities like work or other classes, we're glad to say that each Syracuse GRE class offers lessons every week. There's a two-week class and a four-week class. If you want a fast-track review of the GRE, then two-week sessions are perfect for you. If you feel that a longer program would benefit you best, then sign up for four-week sessions. You can begin engaging in lessons once you find a class that complements your lifestyle and personal needs.

Upon enrolling in a Syracuse GRE class, you'll meet up and associate with an instructor and other college students. You all will collaborate in group activities and discussions to go over sections of the GRE. If you want to build vocabulary or improve your reading comprehension skills to prepare for the Verbal Reasoning section, you and your peers can practice sample passages. You can also strengthen your writing skills for the Analytical Writing section by picking a topic and either responding with your opinion or critiquing the structure of a writer's argument. The teacher can also provide you with practice exams to test your ability to answer questions within the time limit. They can share helpful strategies like how to isolate answers if two of them sound correct or how to decode confusing-sounding questions.

There are times when you need one-on-one help with something from an instructor, and they're more than happy to fulfill your request. Each teacher has been through an exhaustive vetting process to make sure they possess vast knowledge in their niche and can communicate well with college students and professionals. They can assist you with figuring out math problems that you may spot in the Quantitative Reasoning section or anything else you're struggling to understand.

This program seems like one that would be a good fit for me. How do I get started with a Syracuse GRE course?

You're making a great choice by deciding to join a GRE prep course. Not only would you learn things that you can apply to your future endeavors, but you also may create new friendships with the students you meet.

Reaching out to us is a piece of cake. You only need to pick up the phone or submit a message through our contact form, and an academic advisor will get back to you. For more information about a Syracuse GRE course or if you have questions, please contact Varsity Tutors today.

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