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Varsity Tutors can assist children and teens in studying for the SSAT by offering excellent Richmond SSAT prep options. Many parents want their children to attend private or independent schools in the local area, and those students are often required to take an exam the SSAT if they want to enroll.

The SSAT, short for the Secondary School Admission Test, is a standardized exam that determines whether prospective students have what it takes to tackle schoolwork in an independent or private school. Varsity Tutors can set your student up with a personal tutor or enroll them in a prep course. If you prefer individual assistance from a private instructor, we can match students with someone who's an expert in test preparation. If your student enjoys studying with other kids, we'll enroll them in a Richmond SSAT prep course.

What can Richmond SSAT prep help my student study?

The SSAT targets Elementary Level (third and fourth-grade students), Middle Level (fifth, sixth, and seventh-grade students), and Upper Level (8th-11th-grade students). Each test features Quantitative, Reading, Verbal, and Writing sections. It's administered by the Enrollment Management Association, and it assesses basic math, reading, and verbal skills. Let's talk about the grade levels and sections of the test.

The Elementary Level has a Quantitative/Math section, a Verbal section, a Reading section, and a Writing section. The Quantitative/Math section has 30 multiple-choice questions with a 30-minute time limit. It covers basic math topics like probability, measurement, numbers, and properties and operations. The Verbal section has 30 multiple-choice questions with a 20-minute time limit. It covers English language topics like word relationships, language comprehension, and nuances in word meanings. The Reading section has seven passages each with four multiple-choice questions. It covers reading comprehension, and students should know how to locate the main idea of a passage, identify information, and determine the meaning of words in concepts. The Writing section has a 15-minute writing prompt that requires them to write a story based on a picture.

The Middle Level and Upper Level portions possess similar expectations except targeted at the appropriate grade levels. Both have a Quantitative section split into two sections of 25 multiple-choice questions each. It has a one-hour time limit and covers arithmetic, algebra, and geometry. The Reading section contains 40 multiple-choice questions with a time limit of 40 minutes. Students need to determine the author's main purpose, understand words and phrases in context, and comprehend and evaluate arguments and opinions. The Verbal section has 60 multiple-choice questions: 30 of them consist of synonyms, and 30 of them consist of analogies. It covers word roots, prefixes and suffixes, and other components of English. The Middle Level writing sample provides students with two creative prompts, and they must select one on which to base a story. The Upper Level writing sample is similar except it provides students with one creative prompt and one essay prompt. Both are them have 25-minute time limits. The Writing prompts on all levels are unscored, but they prepare them for writing assignments they would face in their desired school.

All levels of the SSAT contain unscored experimental sections. Those at the Elementary Level are encouraged to guess because they aren't penalized for incorrect answers. However, Middle Level and Upper Level students will get one point per correct answer and have one-quarter of a point deducted for wrong answers. They won't get penalized for unanswered questions, though.

What benefits do Richmond SSAT preparation programs offer to my student?

An educational consultant can set your student up with private lessons or enroll them in a prep class. They can take advantage of both if desired. Read more about how these programs help your student reach for their goals.

By working with a tutor, your student can ask questions or discuss things on their mind, which especially works well if they're shy. Some students struggle with getting the help they need because they're too embarrassed to raise their hand in class. When they study with a private instructor, they can concentrate better on their work and build self-confidence. Upon meeting with an educator, they can share their strong points, weak points, academic goals, and more. The academic mentor can compile this information to create a personalized study plan they can adjust when your student makes progress in their goals. An instructor can also appeal to your student's individual learning style. If your student learns best kinetically, visually, or auditorily, a tutor can offer the appropriate learning tools that suit your student. In addition, they can conduct a lesson at the proper pace. Perhaps your student needs to improve their study habits. A mentor can help students develop these skills as well.

When your student enrolls in a Richmond SSAT prep class, they can associate with a teacher and other kids in a virtual classroom. It offers new sessions each week, and they can sign up for a two-week class or a four-week class. Time is spent on reviewing sections the SSAT. If your student is in the Elementary Level, they can prepare for the Quantitative/Math section by completing math worksheets. Middle Level and Upper Level students can receive sample writing prompts to practice for the Writing section. The teacher can offer clever test-taking strategies as well as support to those who experience test anxiety.

I think these programs would really help my student. How do I sign them up for Richmond SSAT prep options?

Getting your student started with the above programs is very simple. In order to reach out to us, you can send a message via our online contact form or pick up the phone if you want to speak to someone. We're more than happy to support your student whether they desire personal instruction or want to study with their peers. If you're ready to sign your student up for a Richmond SSAT prep option, please contact Varsity Tutors today. Educational consultants are standing by eager to assist your student every step of the way.

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