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Varsity Tutors can help you find Raleigh-Durham Chinese lessons that work for you, whether you're a sophomore at William G. Enloe High School learning Chinese, a college student at Duke University fulfilling degree requirements, a student in another area school, or someone who's working on their Chinese skills during their free time. As the most popular language on the globe, Chinese is a good choice if you're wanting to learn another language. However, learning a language can prove challenging, and you may find that a traditional classroom environment or self-guided study program doesn't provide you with all of the resources and practice you need to feel confident in your language skills. Seeking outside resources can benefit you in several ways and help improve your understanding of Chinese. After all, it is known for being of the hardest languages to learn.

One of the reasons that Chinese can be a difficult language to master, especially for people that speak English as their first language, is that there is no alphabet. Instead, each syllable is represented by a particular symbol, making Chinese the only modern pictographic language. Of the approximately 50,000 total characters in the Chinese language, around 20,000 are used on a regular basis. There are over one billion native Chinese speakers around the world, but not all of these individuals speak using the same dialect. In fact, Chinese has several different dialects, the most popular of which is Mandarin. This language is the official language of Taiwan and the People's Republic of China. However, the majority of Chinese speakers that live in the United States speak Cantonese.

Regardless of where you are at in your language learning process or which aspects of the language you find most challenging, Varsity Tutors can assist you in your studies through the use of Chinese lessons. We can give you more information about private instruction and online classes so you can figure out what works best for you and your busy schedule. In as little as 24 hours, we can connect you with a Raleigh-Durham Chinese tutor in your area. Otherwise, if you prefer to learn in an environment where you can work alongside other students, we can or enroll you in courses that begin on a monthly basis. If you would like to participate in both types of lessons, that is also an option. No matter what lesson format you choose, you'll have access to a highly-qualified instructor that is ready to help you improve your language skills.

What are some skills an instructor might review during Raleigh-Durham Chinese lessons?

Because it has so little in common with English, Chinese is one of the hardest languages to learn for native English speakers. Chinese is a tonal language, which may feel unfamiliar to many students just beginning to study it. However, you shouldn't let the challenging nature of this language keep you from pursuing your desire to understand and speak it. But what exactly do we mean by a tonal language? Well, the meaning of Chinese words changes based on the tone the speaker uses to pronounce it. While some have a lesser number of tones, certain dialects can have up to nine different tones. For instance, Mandarin is one of the most popular Chinese dialects, and it has four tones: flat, rising, falling then rising, and falling.

Another challenge native English speakers may find themselves up against is plural words. Chinese has no plurals because the words never change form. This is unlike English, where speakers add an "s" to most words to make them plural. Chinese also doesn't have any verb inflections or articles.

If you do not know someone that is fluent in Chinese, it can prove difficult to find time to practice your conversational skills. However, Raleigh-Durham Chinese lessons can give you plenty of time to practice either privately or with your fellow students. Both the courses and tutoring will give you the chance to practice not only speaking Chinese but reading and writing it as well. When you're exposed to a language on a regular basis, you can have a better chance of retaining the information and increase the speed in which you to understand it. Having consistent opportunities to practice the vocabulary, grammar rules, sentence structures, and pronunciation you are studying can be important to your language learning success, regardless of your level.

Another way you can help yourself learn Chinese is to work with a one-on-one instructor. When you connect with a Raleigh-Durham Chinese tutor, they can spend time getting to know you and your learning style, whether you're a visual, audio, or kinesthetic learner. Your instructor can spend as much time on a concept as you need until you understand it. They won't be focusing on anyone but you during your session, unlike an instructor in a class environment.

When and where can I participate in Raleigh-Durham Chinese lessons?

Learning another language may not be easy, but Raleigh-Durham Chinese lessons can help. Luckily, regardless of your schedule and other obligations, be they school, work, or extracurricular activities, the flexibility of both lesson-types means there is an option that can work for you. Let's start by taking a look at the online courses. If you prefer to work in a collaborative, classroom-style environment, then this is likely the best option for you. You can choose to participate in either a two-week or four-week-long session, and you will have a variety of study times to pick between. Whether you prefer to study right away in the morning, during your lunch break, or in the evening, you will have the luxury to do so. Perhaps you don't have time to study during the work-week and would prefer to practice your Chinese on the weekends. Not a problem. Varsity Tutors has course options for all seven days of the week.

If you prefer working in a one-on-one setting with a Raleigh-Durham Chinese tutor, we can connect you with an experienced instructor. You have two choices when it comes to tutoring, online or in person. Your sessions can be done from anywhere you have an internet connection if you prefer online. You'll be able to see and talk with your instructor through our Live Learning Platform which combines a virtual whiteboard and video chat. With in-person sessions, you can meet your private instructor either at your home, at a coffee shop, or at another place of your choosing.

How can I sign up for Raleigh-Durham Chinese lessons?

Varsity Tutors is ready to help you get the extra help you need with a Raleigh-Durham Chinese tutor or online classes, whether you're a student at the Durham School of the Arts or an undergraduate at North Carolina State University. We can give you more information about our options. All you have to do is contact our educational consultants today.

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