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Varsity Tutors can help language learners of any age get started with Los Angeles Chinese lessons. Whether you're a student at a high school like Granada Hills Charter High School or John Marshall Senior High School or you're pursuing a degree from a nearby university like the California Institute of Technology, learning a new language isn't easy when you don't have the right academic support.

Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world, with more than one billion native speakers. There are many distinct dialects within the Chinese language. The official language of the country is Mandarin; however, most native speakers in the United States speak Cantonese. There are around 50 different dialects, but the most common include Wu, Hakka, Xiang, and Gan.

Since the official language in China is Mandarin, it is what most schools teach. One of the interesting things about Chinese is that the written language is pictorial. That means that each symbol represents an idea rather than a sound. Because of this, all of the different dialects can generally understand one another when the communication is in a written format. So, regardless of which language you learn, you will have some ability to communicate with speakers of all other Chinese dialects. No matter why you want to learn Chinese, taking private lessons can help you maximize your language acquisition efforts.

What are some skills a teacher might review during Los Angeles Chinese lessons?

Chinese is often cited as being the most difficult language in the world to learn. This is especially true for students attempting to learn it on their own. When you take a class or work with a Los Angeles Chinese tutor, you can work on any of the skills associated with the language.

As mentioned previously, the written language is comprised of symbols, and each of these represents a single syllable. There are more than 50,000 characters in the language, but only about 20,000 are used on a regular basis. For native English speakers, this number can seem daunting! Fortunately, the majority of the language can be communicated using only around 2,500 characters. Learning these individual characters is and something you can work on as part of your Chinese lessons.

Pronunciation is another key component in any language and one that is especially difficult to master in Chinese, regardless of the dialect you're learning. The reason for this is that, even once you've mastered the symbols in written form, they provide no clue as to how the symbol should be pronounced. This is one of the main reasons multiple dialects can effectively use the same written language. Pinyin is a system which translates individual characters into the English alphabet based on the way they sound.

Related to pronunciation is the tone of a word. Spoken Chinese is a tonal language, which means the meaning of each symbol or word changes based on the tone that is used when speaking it. In Mandarin, there are four primary tones: rising, falling, falling then rising, and flat. Other dialects can have up to nine different tones. It's imperative one learn to use the proper tone in order to communicate effectively when speaking Chinese. If you need to work on pronunciation and tonal inflection, Chinese lessons are a great way to receive professional academic support in these areas.

In order to read and speak Chinese proficiently, there are a few concepts English speakers must master. Chinese has no verb inflections, articles, or plural forms. Understanding this can go a long way in helping English speakers make progress on their language-related goals.

Some of the individual skills you can work on as part of your Chinese lessons include pronouns, verbs, grammar, common phrases, sentence structure, essential vocabulary, customs, culture, and traditions.

How can enrolling in a class for Los Angeles Chinese lessons help me learn the language?

More than perhaps any other new language, learning Chinese is more accessible with professional assistance. When you take a class, you will have a skilled instructor who has been carefully vetted to ensure students are working with someone who is fluent in the language and good at communicating with students of various skill levels.

All of our classes are held in a secure online learning environment, which means you are able to attend without needing to factor in additional commute time. Numerous sessions are available at various times to make it easier to find one that works for your schedule.

Your instructor will provide lessons and direction to the entire class and may then assign individual or group projects to help you integrate the information more thoroughly. As you work with your instructor and other students in the class, you can work on building your understanding of the language.

How is working with a private Los Angeles Chinese tutor different from taking a class?

Working with a private instructor gives you a more customized learning environment. Your teacher can teach to your learning style, language goals, and where you are struggling and create a custom learning plan for you. Your sessions can be tailored to your needs to ensure you are focused on the precise topic that is most relevant to your goals.

You can choose to work with a tutor using our Live Learning Platform, which allows you to meet with your private instructor face-to-face online. You can also opt for in-person tutoring. Sessions can be scheduled during the day or evening throughout the week and on weekends.

How can I get started with the right Los Angeles Chinese lessons for me?

Learning any new language is challenging, but taking on a language that is entirely different such as Chinese can be especially daunting for even the most avid of students. Los Angeles Chinese lessons can completely change the way you perceive the language learning process. Whether you're enrolled in elementary Chinese at UCLA, taking Chinese IV at USC, or pursuing a personal language learning goal, you can begin your lessons quickly. If you're ready to enroll in a class or connect with a Los Angeles Chinese tutor, contact Varsity Tutors today to get started.

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