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No matter if you're a Mountain Pointe High School student or a working professional, you can benefit from the perks of a Phoenix Chinese course offered by Varsity Tutors. Learning Chinese is beneficial to individuals of all ages. High school students can learn Chinese as a way to spruce up their college applications, while adults in the working world can learn Chinese to make them more marketable for international job opportunities. Learning Chinese also allows you to communicate with more people across the globe. As a matter of fact, Chinese is the most popular language in the world. With over one billion native speakers, learning Chinese allows you to communicate with an incredible amount of people.

Learning Chinese on your own can be a struggle. There are many elements to the Chinese language that make it difficult for English speakers. The Chinese language has several dialects, with the most common being Mandarin. Mandarin is the official language of the People's Republic of China and Taiwan. Another popular Chinese dialect is Cantonese. This is the language that most Chinese speakers in the United States historically speak. Other Chinese dialects include Hakka, Gan, Wu, and Xiang. For help navigating these different dialects, consider a Chinese course provided by Varsity Tutors.

What information does a Phoenix Chinese class cover?

When enrolling in a Chinese class, you are enrolling in a comprehensive class designed to help individuals work through their language learning goals. The Chinese classes offered by Varsity Tutors are designed to provide students with helpful tools, information, and guidance related to the many areas of the Chinese language, including writing in Chinese, reading Chinese, speaking Chinese, and learning about Chinese history and culture.

Chinese is an ancient language, with written Chinese dating back thousands of years. Through archaeologists and historians, evidence has been found that Chinese characters were used during the Shang Dynasty. This historical language can help individuals better understand the history of our world, while also communicating with the people of today.

Every language has its areas of difficulty. For example, Chinese does not have an alphabet. This may be confusing for English speakers, which is why Chinese classes can be so helpful to individuals looking to learn this language. Instead of an alphabet, individuals in a Chinese class can learn the characters of the Chinese language. There are over 50,000 characters in this language, with each symbol representing a different syllable. Of these 50,000 characters, only around 20,000 are used regularly, and the majority of written Chinese uses just 2,500 characters.

Have you heard of pictographic languages? Likely not, and that may be because Chinese is the only modern pictographic language. This means that the Chinese characters we use today come from ancient drawings of the items they are meant to describe. Even though this is interesting, it can be difficult for individuals to learn because the symbols give no clues to the pronunciation of a word, and each symbol must be learned individually. In your Chinese class, you can learn Pinyin, which is a system used to translate Chinese characters into letters in the English alphabet based on their pronunciation. Through this technique, some English speakers may be able to better grasp the Chinese language.

How can I benefit from a Phoenix Chinese class?

Whether you're a student at Pinnacle High School or a working professional, you can benefit from a Chinese class provided by Varsity Tutors. Each class is lead by a professional and skilled instructor who understands how to communicate with their students. No matter your age or skill level, the instructor teaching your class can help you feel more confident in your Chinese abilities. Whether you're struggling with pronouns, verbs, reading Chinese, or pronunciation, you can reap the benefits of a Phoenix Chinese class.

Instead of watching pre-recorded lectures or reading information about the Chinese language out of textbooks, opt for an online Chinese class. You can practice your Chinese speaking skills and your communication abilities through a Chinese class. The live, interactive classroom setting provided to individuals allows students to ask questions and communicate with their peers in real time. If you have a question during the lesson, simply ask your instructor through the live platform, and they can respond promptly with a helpful and relevant answer. You can also communicate with your peers in the live classroom setting, which is ideal when learning a language. If you think you can benefit from the offerings of a Chinese class, consider enrolling today.

How can I enroll in a Phoenix Chinese course?

Odds are, if you're interested in taking a Chinese course, you are a high school student, college student, or working professional who doesn't have much free time. Make the most of your sparse study time by enrolling in a Phoenix Chinese course. It is easy to enroll in a Chinese course. Arizona State University students working towards their foreign language credits or professional adults in the working world can sign up for a course that works around their busy schedule.

At Varsity Tutors, we offer courses that meet at times that work for your schedule. Sign up for a course during the day, the evening, or the weekend for a time that works best for your schedule. You can also sign up for courses on a monthly basis. Jump right into a Chinese course whenever it is best for you for the most beneficial studying experience possible. Courses meet for either two weeks or four weeks, depending on the option you select. These flexible and online courses are designed to meet your needs, so what are you waiting for?

Our team at Varsity Tutors is dedicated to helping you reach for your goals. Whether you want to learn Chinese for a trip to China or you want to brush up on your Chinese skills to feel more confident in your college courses, we are here to help you work towards your goals. If you think you can benefit from the perks of a Phoenix Chinese course, reach out to Varsity Tutors today!

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