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Varsity Tutors can set you up with an online course or private tutor if you are looking for Omaha NCLEX prep. The National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) and National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN) are required for anyone who plans to become a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurse. The content, length, and format of these tests can challenge the most focused of nursing students at schools like Creighton University College of Nursing or the University of Nebraska Medical Center. An organized method of preparation is needed so you get a thorough overview of foundational concepts, major test categories, and other fundamentals of practicing nursing.

What Can Omaha NCLEX Prep Help Me Achieve?

Whether you choose to collaborate in an online course or work with a private instructor, Omaha NCLEX preparation can help you in many ways. The review can range from coverage of social sciences such as psychology and sociology as well as biology, anatomy, chemistry, and physics. Preparation can aid you in studying Safe and Effective Care Environment topics. While Management and Coordination of Care are important to learn, you can also receive a review in Health Promotion and Maintenance and Psychosocial Integrity. The various concepts of Physiological Integrity can be reviewed too, to help you better understand Basic Care and Comfort, Physiological Adaptation, and Pharmacological Therapies you will apply in your future nursing career.

Preparing for the 6-hour NCLEX-RN and 5-hour NCLEX-PN also requires understanding the format and computer adaptive nature of each exam. By learning the format, you can improve your confidence on test day. When the exam is administered, the computer generates answers based on your previous responses. Questions may be presented in multiple-choice, multiple response, fill-in-the-blank, or ordered response formats, as well as incorporate graphics, video, sound, charts, and other types of multimedia content. The number of questions also varies with each student; the RN exam contains anywhere from 75 to 265 questions and the PN anywhere from 85 to 205.

How Can Omaha NCLEX Prep Help Me Study?

Varsity Tutors offers two basic choices to focus on your test prep: collaborative online courses and private tutoring. You can choose from one method or the other or combine both. The benefits of an Omaha NCLEX prep course include the opportunity to collaborate with your peers and receive guidance from a qualified instructor. Your instructor can lead engaging discussions about various aspects of the tests and even help you learn various study and test-taking strategies to improve your pacing. A Live Learning Platform enables you to participate in lessons via a virtual whiteboard, and use video chat to see, hear, and interact with your peers in real-time. You can participate in projects and practice sessions and ask questions. Instructors can also provide one-on-one help at your request if you need any extra assistance.

For students who do better with private instruction, we can set you up with an Omaha NCLEX prep tutor. You can study with an instructor who has the flexibility to assess your areas of opportunity and structure lessons accordingly. Your private mentor can focus on specific topics and move along at your pace based on your individual progress. They can also accommodate your learning style. For example, study sessions can focus on the scientific and clinical aspects of the nursing process, documentation, or specific methods of care, but also provide an overview of microbiology or chemistry if you need that. In a one-on-one environment, you dictate the pace and content of each study session.

How Do I Get Started with Omaha NCLEX Prep?

Each instructor who leads an online class has been interviewed to ensure they can provide accurate information and work with students who are preparing for the most important tests of their careers. Access to quality test prep is one important aspect of your study time. Finding the time for it is another; fortunately, you can find an Omaha NCLEX prep class that's held in the middle of the day, evening, or on the weekend to accommodate your busy schedule. Tutors can cater to your needs in terms of learning and scheduling study sessions. You therefore never have to miss out on essential test prep.

If you are interested in Omaha NCLEX prep options, contact Varsity Tutors to speak to a friendly educational consultant, who can answer any question and guide you through the sign-up process. They'll even assist you in finding a test prep option that fits your schedule. We look forward to helping you reach for your potential.

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