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Memphis NCLEX prep can be challenging on your own, so reach out to the experts at Varsity Tutors to get the help you need to pursue your goals on exam day. We provide two great services to students studying for this challenging examination. First, we can enroll you in a Memphis NCLEX prep course where you can study with a knowledgeable instructor and dedicated classmates from anywhere with a strong internet connection. Second, we can find you a professional Memphis NCLEX tutor who can tailor study sessions to your unique needs. Either way, you can enjoy an academic edge over students who opted to study for the test on their own.

The NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) is a standardized test written to help regulatory agencies determine whether an entry-level nursing candidate has the skills and knowledge expected of a professional nurse. It comes in two varieties: those interested in becoming a Registered Nurse take the NCLEX-RN, while those pursuing a career as a Vocational or Practical Nurse take the NCLEX-PN. We can help you prepare for either exam, so continue reading to learn more about how we might be able to help you.

What topics should my Memphis NCLEX preparation cover?

While the NCLEX is split into two distinct exams, there is a lot of content overlap between them. For instance, both exams cover infection control, keeping a patient comfortable, pharmacological therapies, psychosocial integrity, and how to limit the risk factors a patient experiences in a hospital setting. There are also a few topics that appear exclusively on one exam. For example, there aren't any questions concerning parenteral therapies on the NCLEX-PN. Should you have any questions on topics like these, your instructor can provide a response before a simple misunderstanding has an opportunity to spiral out of control.

Many students also want to go over the NCLEX's formatting during their test prep. The exam utilizes Computerized-Adaptive Technology (CAT), a way of saying that the system selects exam items as a real-time response to a student's performance. This structure can be intimidating, as you could paradoxically lose confidence if you feel that the questions given to you are too easy. Your instructor can coach you on strategies to concentrate exclusively on the item in front of you instead of worrying about what it means regarding your previous answers.

What benefits are offered by each of the Memphis NCLEX prep options you provide?

As mentioned above, we provide a comprehensive Memphis NCLEX prep class that covers both the academic concepts and test-taking strategies you want to know for exam day. Every class takes place on our exclusive Live Learning Platform, an online classroom that allows you to see and hear your instructor as if you were in the same room. Not only does this make asking for help just as easy as it would be in a more traditional setting, but it also means that your instructor could be based miles away from Memphis. Why let geographic proximity limit your choice of instructors?

Studying in a group also provides a suite of advantages. You can explain concepts to each other to reinforce everybody's understanding. You can split the bill to get superior value for your money. You can even complete group assignments to learn new strategies for approaching a particular problem. Don't underestimate the power of a collaborative learning environment until you have experienced one for yourself.

That said, some students prefer the individualized attention that a one-on-one instructor can provide. If you want the most convenient study experience possible, we'll match you with somebody who can work on our Live Learning Platform so that you can study online. Powerful features such as a virtual whiteboard ensure that your experience is just as good as meeting up in-person. Alternatively, we can match you with someone in the Memphis area who can meet you at a local school like Southwest Tennessee Community College or University of Memphis Loewenberg College of Nursing for a distraction-free study environment.

No matter where you end up meeting, a private instructor can review your work while the material remains fresh in your mind so that you can make any necessary corrections. You're also free to study at your own pace, whether that means speeding up to keep study sessions interesting or slowing things down to develop a fuller understanding of a challenging concept.

Can I enroll in Memphis NCLEX prep services today?

Of course. Just use the contact info on this page to speak with an Educational Consultant who can help you sign up for your preferred Memphis NCLEX prep solution. Varsity Tutors has helped countless students work toward their goals in the past, and we're excited to add you to our list of satisfied clients!

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