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Varsity Tutors can help you get in contact with a private Nashville NCLEX tutor or sign up for an online prep class depending on your unique academic needs for this important nursing exam. Regardless of whether you are planning on becoming a Practical Nurse (PN) or Registered Nurse (RN), a more formal, planned review can be beneficial for you. The NCLEX exam covers materials and concepts that you may have studied at Tennessee State University, Belmont University, or another program in the area. If you think revisiting topics and standards for this nursing exam could be helpful for you, a Nashville NCLEX prep class or private instructor can help you.

What is covered during Nashville NCLEX prep?

The National Council Licensure Examination, or NCLEX examination, is used to assess the skills and competency of people entering the RN and PN fields. The content of this test revolves around two primary areas: fundamental nursing practices and client health needs. Within these two areas, you are expected to know concepts about Safe and Effective Care Environment, Health Promotion and Maintenance, Psychosocial Integrity, and Physiological Integrity. Regardless of your emphasis, most of the content covered in each version of the exam is the same.

Additionally, it is important to have a thorough understanding of the format of the exam so that you know how to prepare yourself in advance. This exam is a computer-adaptive test which means that the answers you select determine the difficulty level of upcoming questions. This also means that once you have answered a question, you cannot go back to change it. The RN version of the exam takes a maximum of six hours and uses a minimum of 75 questions, while the PN version of the exam takes a maximum of five hours and uses a minimum of 85 questions.

How can Nashville NCLEX prep benefit me?

Varsity Tutors offers guidance in connecting with a tutor or enrolling in online classes depending on your preferences and needs. Whether you would like to utilize one or both options, we are here to support the development of your nursing understanding and skills. Regardless of which option you choose to use, you can receive personalized help from a qualified instructor. Let us look at the benefits of each option in further detail here.

Taking an online preparation class can be beneficial if working in a collaborative environment works best for your learning style. This option uses our Live Learning Platform which boasts interactive tools such as live chat and an interactive whiteboard to participate in class with your peers and instructor in real time. Therefore, if your instructor determines that your class needs a more comprehensive focus on Safe and Effective Care Environment concepts like safety and infection control, you can all build a better understanding of this together using group projects or whole class discussions. If you need more help from your instructor, you can also schedule one-on-one sessions outside of class as you see fit.

If having a private tutor appeals to you more, we can also help you get in touch with an instructor to work with you exclusively. This option is great if you are someone who requires more time to develop a deeper understanding of topics before moving on to the next one. Your private instructor can personalize your lessons to revolve around areas with which you struggle and incorporate lessons that focus on making use of your preferred learning style in order to promote better comprehension and application of core concepts. By working on practice questions that are similar to the ones on the test to teaching your practical test-taking strategies like identifying keywords in the questions, you can work with your instructor to determine areas where you need more focus.

How do I connect with Nashville NCLEX preparation?

Signing up to work with a knowledgeable instructor for online private tutoring or a Nashville NCLEX prep course means that you can get guided direction on concepts and materials to focus on for this exam. Both options offer you the flexibility to get extra help and study without too much adjustment to your daily schedule. If you feel like you need outside help covering topics and example questions on the exam, contact us today for more information on how to set up Nashville NCLEX prep that could help you. When you reach out to Varsity Tutors, our educational consultants can answer any questions or concerns you might have, give you further information, and help you decide which option might work best for you.

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