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If you are looking for a USMLE prep course, Varsity Tutors has an Oklahoma City USMLE course that can fit your hectic schedule. We can enroll aspiring medical practitioners in a USMLE course online led by highly qualified instructors. This course is conducted in a virtual classroom, and there are many medical students, such as those enrolled at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, who find this option a convenient solution to their test prep needs.

You will study for the USMLE under the tutelage of expert instructors, and you will have many options to choose from when it comes to course times. Every aspect of the Oklahoma City USMLE prep course has been designed to make it easy for you to start your test prep as soon as possible so you can be as prepared as possible come exam day.

What are some of the topics an Oklahoma City USMLE class can cover?

Other standardized exams only test you on your mastery of a subject or knowledge about certain topics, but the United States Medical Licensing Exam, or USMLE, focuses on how you use your knowledge in real-life clinical settings. There are three separate exams that make up the USMLE, called "Steps." You must first pass Step 1 and Step 2 to be eligible to take Step 3.

Your Oklahoma City USMLE class instructor will discuss the different content and questions for each Step. He or she can also give tips on how to answer questions more efficiently without sacrificing accuracy. Step 1 covers questions that test your know-how on basic science concepts necessary in effectively practicing medicine. You will need to answer 280 multiple-choice questions divided into seven 60-minute blocks with 40 questions each.

Step 2 has two types of exams: Clinical Knowledge (CK) and Clinical Skills (CS). CK has about 316 multiple-choice questions meant to assess your medical knowledge and understanding of clinical science principles necessary for the provision of patient care under supervision. CS requires you to examine and diagnose 12 different simulated patient consultations. You will need to travel to one of the six test centers in the country for this test. The centers are found in Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, and there are two in Philadelphia.

Step 3 is the final test, and it checks your preparedness to practice medicine in an unsupervised environment. It involves multiple-choice questions and the evaluation and diagnosis of computer-simulated patient care scenarios.

What are the advantages of enrolling in an Oklahoma City USMLE course?

Preparing for the USMLE may not always come easy for students who can't find a suitable prep course in their area or find it inconvenient to commute from their home to the nearest review center. Varsity Tutors can connect you with a course that can be taken entirely online, which makes it easier for students to start their test prep. The online course is conducted in virtual classrooms where you will have live classes with your instructor and classmates. You can work on tasks in a group or engage in a discussion that can help you gain new insights on subjects which may come in handy when taking the USMLE. You will have many opportunities to learn alongside other medical students, and therefore, you can be exposed to a wider range of perspectives on the topics and medical cases that are presented in class.

Also, with an online Oklahoma City USMLE class, you will no longer need to worry about travel time or being stuck in traffic. You just need to log into the virtual classroom to participate in class. You can choose where you want to set up your study area and you can learn in a distraction-free, comfortable, and safe environment.

Of course, if there is a concept or topic you are struggling with, you can request to meet your instructor outside of the class in a one-on-one setting. This type of personalized attention can be a good way to address any core difficulties so you can gain more confidence for the exam.

How can I enroll in an Oklahoma City USMLE course?

Reach out to our educational consultants if you would like to know more information about our USMLE course. An online course can be an excellent solution if you are looking for a more convenient and affordable option for USMLE test prep. Call Varsity Tutors today to get enrolled in our Oklahoma City USMLE course and come one step closer to reaching for your medical career goals.

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