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Whether you're working on a law or medical degree at Belmont University or aiming to supplement your studies at Trevecca Nazarene University, Nashville Latin lessons can help develop your understanding of this ancient language. Online lessons can provide a positive experience in learning Latin. Learning to speak and write a new language on any level can be challenging. With opportunities to practice and work with an experienced and qualified instructor, you can develop new skills and become more confident in your abilities.

Today, Latin is the official language only in Vatican City and the Roman Catholic church. Although not widely spoken in the community, Latin roots are often used in science and technology fields. But learning this language can help you understand other languages that have been derived from it, such as Italian, Spanish, and Romanian. The Romance languages have been heavily influenced by Latin, so learning the various principles of this language may help you better understand others. In the Roman Empire, Latin became divided into two forms: Classical Latin, a more formal and elegant version with a more Greek style, and Vulgar Latin, which became the spoken form of the language.

Vulgar Latin relies less on inflections and more on the word order English speakers are familiar with. There's not much of a need to know Latin now, as vernacular languages became prevalent starting in the seventeenth century. By the nineteenth century, the languages we're more familiar with today had taken over, although the Roman alphabet remains popular. Over time, additional letters were added (including "J", "V", and "W"). There were just 23 letters in classical times. But if you're considering a career in law, medicine, science, or theology, studying Latin may be required, so you may want to get a head start with online Nashville Latin lessons even if you're still at McGavock High School or gearing up for college applications at Glencliff High School.

What Material Is Covered in Nashville Latin Lessons?

Whether you choose an instructor-led course or work individually with a Nashville Latin tutor, you want to learn the intricacies of the language and what set it apart from English. For many students, learning how to pronounce Latin words and learn vocabulary isn't that difficult. You don't need to learn an accent, but proper pronunciation can help you better absorb vocabulary, read more fluently, and appreciate Latin literature. Latin lessons can focus on all these areas, and you can work online, sharing pieces of literature and helping your peers understand what words, phrases, and sentences mean.

As you move along, you'll notice that some Latin words are nearly identical to equivalent terms in English. For example, the word for youth or adolescent is "adulescens" and the term for finish or end is "finis". Another area your instructor may focus on is inflection. Inflections are the endings of words that determine how each relates to one another. These endings also provide clues as to the meaning of a sentence, which differs from English in that we typically rely on word order to interpret meaning. This is not the case in Latin; the endings of words are more important than the beginnings. The system of word endings can be confusing at first, but your Latin instructor or tutor can help you figure it out.

In addition to learning the highly inflected language of Latin, your instructor will also explain masculine, feminine, and neuter types of nouns. The use of adjectives takes practice as well, as each adjective must agree with a noun's gender and number. Common phrases, grammar, sentence structure, reading, and Latin history are other areas of focus that can increase your exposure to the language. Latin lessons may be just the solution to practicing a language not often spoken, but which has influenced our own vocabulary, grammar, and written texts.

What Are My Options for Nashville Latin Lessons?

Latin is the basis for many modern Romance languages. Learning it may expose you to some familiar and unfamiliar concepts. The process of learning it may or may not come with certain challenges, but the right type of lessons can help you build a better understanding of the language. You can opt to sign up for a course, which is held online and led by an instructor who has been interviewed and vetted to ensure they are qualified and able to communicate with students eager to learn. Each course is managed on a Live Learning Platform. You can log in from wherever you're most comfortable and interact with your instructor and classmates as if you were with them in person. Better yet, courses start on a rolling basis (new sections start monthly, in 2-week and 4-week sessions) and are held at various times, so you can start almost immediately and pick a course in the evening, at lunchtime, or on the weekend. If you find you need extra help, a course instructor can set aside one-on-one time to assist.

However, you may prefer individualized help from the outset. Varsity Tutors can then set you up with a Nashville Latin tutor who can apply customized lesson plans and learning materials based on your learning style and goals to target specific areas of opportunity. You can ask questions at any time and benefit from individual interaction while receiving constant feedback on your progress. Tutors are available to meet online or in-person. Online sessions employ a virtual whiteboard and video chat to aid in the learning process. If you meet in person, you can meet anywhere that's convenient for you.

How Can I Get Started with Nashville Latin Lessons?

Whatever challenges you have in learning Latin, Varsity Tutors can set you up with lessons in an online group class or private tutoring format. Lessons are built around learning specific concepts related to understanding how Latin is spoken, read, and written. Contact us and an educational consultant can help you choose the best option to enroll in: online classes or working with a Nashville Latin tutor. To get started, give us a call and we'll be happy to help.

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