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If you've got a student who's gearing up for the ISEE, they may benefit from talking to Varsity Tutors about our Boulder ISEE prep courses. The ISEE, or Independent School Entrance Examination, is used by independent and magnet schools to assess prospective students. The test comes in several configurations and covers a lot of academic material, so it can be tough to figure out how to begin preparing. Plus, as the test may be a factor in determining your student's chances of getting into their preferred schools, you may be feeling stressed about how to get them prepared for test day. A Boulder ISEE course can help students come to grips with the content knowledge they'll need to strive for success on the ISEE, and can also get them acclimated to the structure of the test and what test-taking strategies they can employ.

A Boulder ISEE class is taught in an online classroom where your student will participate in teacher-led group discussions alongside other students. Online attendance makes these classes easily accessible, even if you and your student have packed schedules. There are also many class times available, so whether you're looking for night classes, weekend classes, or something else, we can provide options for your lifestyle. And with 2-week and 4-week class sections available, and new classes starting every week, we can an offer your student direction no matter when they're planning on taking the test and how much preparation time they've got left.

What will a Boulder ISEE course teach my student?

The ISEE comes in several different configurations. If your student is applying for 2nd through 4th grade admission, they'll be taking the Primary Level test. The Lower Level ISEE correlates to the 5th and 6th grades, the Middle Level the 7th and 8th, and the Upper Level is for all students entering the 9th grade and above. We'll provide a summary of each of these tests here, to give you an idea of what your student will be studying in an ISEE course.

The Upper, Middle, and Lower Level tests all use a similar format, with sections covering Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Math Achievement, and an Essay section. At the Upper Level, Verbal Reasoning asks students to understand the use of synonyms, context clues, word roots, suffixes and prefixes. Quantitative Reasoning is intended to evaluate students' mathematical thinking skills and asks questions involving problem-solving, probability, and data analysis, drawing on a variety of concepts from algebra and geometry. The Reading Comprehension section will ask students to read passages and be able to draw out the important information, as well as extrapolate non-explicit information. Math Achievement focuses on math operations and will ask students to solve equations involving variables, exponents, the properties of triangles and quadrilateral shapes, coordinate grids, and more. The Essay section isn't graded on any level of the ISEE, but it is provided to schools as an example of a student's writing abilities and gives them a chance to get to know the student. Upper Level students will want to show an ability to write an interesting and well-organized piece of work that uses proper grammar and spelling.

Much of the Middle Level test is similar to the Upper Level, but the expectations of the test are adjusted appropriately. On the Middle Level ISEE, Verbal Reasoning will ask vocabulary questions appropriate to middle school to high school level students. Quantitative Reasoning will involve measurement problems that will draw on geometry and data analysis skills. Reading Comprehension will ask students to read passages, answer questions and understand figurative language. Math Achievement will require knowledge of prime factorization, estimation and proportions, Venn Diagrams, and working with geometric shapes. The Essay will provide a prompt appropriate to middle school students.

At the Lower Level, Verbal Reasoning will cover elementary to middle school level vocabulary and will ask students to use context to complete sentences. Quantitative Reasoning will ask students to be able to make comparisons and estimations and to understand the logic of mathematics. Reading Comprehension will expect students to understand how to locate main arguments of passages, and use information to answer questions. Math Achievement covers simple algebra and geometry operations. The Essay section is similar to other sections, but the prompt will again be adjusted to be interesting to elementary school students.

The Primary Level ISEE is a little different. There are multiple choice Math and Reading sections, which will assess students on their basic math skills and reading comprehension respectively, as well as a Writing section where students are given a picture prompt and asked to write a story in response. The 2nd grade ISEE also includes an Auditory Comprehension section where students will listen to and respond to passages that are delivered aloud.

How can a Boulder ISEE class help my student prepare?

Regardless of what level of the ISEE your student will be taking, a Boulder ISEE course can bring them into conversation with other students at their level, with group discussion classes taught by an expert instructor who has undergone a rigorous interview process. These discussions will take place in an online classroom, where students will see, hear, and speak with their peers and their instructor just as if they were taking a course at a brick-and-mortar institution, but with some added benefits. Your student will be able to study wherever they find themselves most productive and can find a course that fits neatly into their schedule. In a group course, your student will be able to talk through content and test-taking strategies with other students who are planning on taking the ISEE, which can expose them to new learning methods and ways of understanding material. They'll also be able to share their own knowledge with the class, which can strengthen their own understanding and may make them feel more assured going into the test.

There are of course definite advantages to private instruction as well. That's why a Boulder ISEE course will let your student reserve extra time to spend one-on-one with their instructor, to make sure that they can be confident in their abilities, even in sections they feel they need to spend more work brushing up on. The entire structure of the course is intended to provide a wealth of opportunities for success, from how it's scheduled to how it's presented to the learning opportunities it aims to give your student.

How can I get my student signed up?

Varsity Tutors is offering Boulder ISEE courses at a variety of times that can fit most any schedule. If you contact us today, we can get you enrolled and can also provide more information about what the course will cover, how it will be taught, and the benefits your student may see. As the ISEE is focused on fundamental elements of primary and secondary school education, an ISEE prep course can provide benefits for your student even after the test is over and done with and can help them build test-taking confidence that may pay off for years to come. Reach out to Varsity Tutors and make an investment in the future of your child's education.

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