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If your student is getting ready to apply to an independent school, contact Varsity Tutors to learn about the Indianapolis ISEE prep course we offer. The ISEE is a standardized exam accepted at most independent schools as an accurate representation of your student's basic skills in reading, writing, and math, as well as their personality and other attributes.

We provide ISEE courses live online, so your child can study from wherever they need to be to fit your family's schedule. We offer different class sections at different times, and you can choose from a two- or four-week course. New classes start every week, so there's no need to wait to get your student enrolled in a course with a top-notch ISEE instructor right away.

What content is reviewed during an Indianapolis ISEE course?

The ISEE is very specific to the age and grade of your student, so there are six separate grade-based tests, separated into two "tiers." We'll take a look at what's in each of the tests here.

The first three tests are Primary Levels 2, 3, and 4. The numbers indicate the grade that the student is applying to enter the following year. They have the same type of questions except for one. On the Primary 2, there is an Auditory Comprehension section that requires them to listen to passages and answer questions based on them. All three of the test have multiple-choice questions testing grade-appropriate reading and math. They also require students to supply an unscored Writing Sample that involves writing a short response to a photo prompt. Schools use these to get a glance at the student's personality, creativity, and writing abilities.

The other three tests are the Lower Level for students entering grades 5 or 6, the Middle Level for students entering grades 7 or 8, and the Upper Level for students entering any high school grade. They have the same sections, number of questions, and time limits. They differ only in difficulty based on the student's grade level. Let's review each section below.

The Reading Comprehension sections have 36 questions with a time limit of 35 minutes. These questions supply passages for students to read. They then demonstrate their ability to understand vocabulary, main ideas and their supporting ideas, the author's purpose, and the organization and logic of the pieces. Other things they'll be asked about are cause and effect relationships, inferring information that's not specifically stated, and understanding the relationships between and features of various literary genres.

The Verbal Reasoning sections allow 20 minutes for students to answer 40 questions assessing their English skills using synonym and sentence-completion questions. Students should have a good grasp of grade-level vocabulary, be able to discern information indicated through contextual clues, and label parts of speech. They should also have a grade-appropriate understanding of Greek, Latin, and Anglo-Saxon prefixes, suffixes, and word roots.

The tests have two math sections. The Quantitative Reasoning section focuses on mathematical thinking more than operations and contains 37 questions to be completed in 35 minutes. The Math Achievement section focuses on the mathematical operation abilities of a student. There are 47 questions to be answered in 40 minutes. The sections take a different approach to the same math skills, including algebra, numbers and operations, word problems, and problem-solving.

Finally, there is the Essay. Students have 30 minutes to read one article or passage about a subject generally found interesting to students at their grade level. The response should be well-planned and organized, and make use of proper English conventions such as grammar, spelling, and punctuation. The Essay gives each student an opportunity to share their thoughts on a common topic so they can let a prospective school know a little bit more about them.

Comprehensive coverage will be provided for all these sections during your student's Indianapolis ISEE course provided by Varsity Tutors. If at some point of the class, your student finds a concept particularly challenging, you can sign them up for tutoring sessions. They can work one-on-one with a professional tutor who can guide them as they catch up to the rest of the students. With these options available, there's no reason your student should arrive on test day without being completely prepared to do their best on the ISEE.

What advantages are there for my student to prepare for their exam in Indianapolis ISEE classes?

There are many benefits students can gain by studying in a Varsity Tutors live, online Indianapolis ISEE class. Studies have shown that working in a collaborative environment such as the one engendered in the online classes, where students can communicate in real time with their instructor and with each other, can lead to greater learning and retention. That's a pretty big benefit to begin with.

Additionally, a professional instructor is probably more likely to be able to understand what a student is struggling with, the cause, and proffer potential solutions. In fact, students can share ideas with each other as well. Your student might have an idea that gives another student just what they need, and that type of situation builds up a student's confidence, which is also helpful to their test performance.

An instructor can introduce common test-taking strategies to help your student with time management, alleviation of anxiety, and close and careful reading of the questions. Imagine what would happen if your student missed the phrase "other than" or "instead of." They might give the exact opposite of the correct answer.

Not all strategies work for all students, so your student's Indianapolis ISEE class instructor may suggest a few ideas, and give your student time to practice them until they find what works best for them. These are just a few ways your student can truly benefit from learning in a Varsity Tutors ISEE course.

Sounds great. How soon can my student start an Indianapolis ISEE course?

As convenient as we make the course, Varsity Tutors also makes enrolling in an ISEE class simple. Just contact us right away and answer a few questions about your student, their goals, and your family's schedule. Our educational advisors can then enroll them in an Indianapolis ISEE course that begins as soon as this week.

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